Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Pieces of Nothing

I'm guest posting at Mommy Daisy's while she's on vacation. She offered me the chance to rant, but that doesn't seem to be in the spirit of her sweet blog, so I posted about vacation instead.

I won the Preeclampsia Quilt Raffle at Cerebral Palsy Baby! Whoo! Shannon really inspires me with all of her beautiful handiwork, DIY house renovations, and the way she raises awareness for such a worthy cause. Of course I will be giving the beautiful baby quilt to Helen. It's nice that not everything she has is a hand-me-down.

Has winning the raffle stopped me from entering giveaways? No.

We greatly enjoyed the program at Katherine's school yesterday, "The Year of The Very Busy Kindergartner." I had one of those loser parent moments when the kids were singing the ABCs (complete with dance moves) and I realized that Eli was singing along--correctly. When did he learn the ABC song? Did Katherine teach him? Sesame Street? I have no idea.

I gave Teacher and the two classroom helpers Borders gift certificates in their cards. (There is a Borders outlet at the outlet mall close by, so they won't have to drive far.) I figure they can buy books for the classroom or for themselves. I struggled with the notes I wrote, but I feel pretty good about them. I thanked them for seeing Katherine as a person, not just as "the allergic kid." I'm going to give her bus driver a gas card, which is a little lame, but it's for Sheetz, so he can use it for gas or coffee or whatever.

Our refrigerator is leaking water. We have someone coming to look at it today. Boy, do I not want to spend money on a new fridge. Or on fixing the old one, really. Scott told Katherine we don't need one; we'll just bury her soy milk in the backyard to keep it cold.


  1. I love the title of your post!

    Congrats on winning the quilt! I love going around to church bazaars and county fairs just to enter the quilt raffles, but I have never won. I am the queen of entering contests, but I'm careful now to enter only Canadian ones, as customs problems make receiving winnings from th US a little tricky.

  2. We have to buy a new fridge too. Our freezer broke. I'm not looking forward to spending money on it---but on the other hand, we needed a larger one anyway.

  3. Lori D--How sad about customs! I hope you can find lots of good blog giveaways on Canadian blogs.

    Swistle--Our awesome appliance guy managed to fix the problem with some electrical tape. Here's hoping we can get one or two more years out of our 17-year old fridge.... I wouldn't mind a larger one, but that would mean kitchen renovations.

  4. Congrats on winning the quilt - that's awesome!

  5. Oh gosh - my girls come out with things all the time where I think, "who taught you that?" Bad Mommy. :)

  6. Thanks for guest posting. It was fun! And thanks for saying I'm sweet. *blush*

    Congrats on the quilt. That will be lovely for Helen.