Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mom always says don't play ball in the house

Look, I know I'm turning into Go Dairy Free: The Direct-To-Video Sequel over here, but you need to enter the Spring Fling Recipe Contest. Then remember I'm the one who encouraged you to enter when you win the $1000 gift card. Also here is a nifty link to all the recipes and stuff I've written over there.

We're all feeling a little cooped up right now, what with endless rain coming on the heels of the endless snow. But I hear summer's going to be very hot AND rainy, so we have that going for us. A certain three-year old just punted a basketball past my head even though he knows NOT TO PLAY BALL IN THE HOUSE. I keep reminding myself that soon I will be missing him when he's away at school and not asking for yots of cheese for yunch and telling me we're a good team before taking out my lamp with a well-aimed kick.

Even my daughter's pet bird, Hedwig, has cabin fever. If you want to get rich quick, you should start manufacturing bird toys. Two pony beads, a Chinese handcuff and a foam star on a piece of plastic lanyard lacing cord. That'll be $10.

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Tomorrow is May Day! Which hopefully means sun and warmth, in addition to 5 billion end-of-the year activities that make me cry about Mah Babies. Ah, Spring.