Monday, October 18, 2010

Twenty minutes

5:20 pm--Notice wet, warm feeling on leg while holding baby on lap. Pat baby on back to calm him. Notice wet, warm feeling on hand.
5:21--Change baby into spare changing bag outfit so you don't have to go upstairs.
5:23--Put diaper in trash.
5:25--Hear loud noise in baby's pants, much like the one he made during the prayers of the people Sunday at church.
5:26--Ask children to bring another outfit down for their brother.
5:27--Start to undress baby. Decide to take him upstairs for a bath.
5:36--Bring baby back downstairs where his outfit is.
5:37--Baby peepees all over towel, couch, your shirt, his clean outfit. Yay, slipcovers.
5:38--Child delivering another outfit from upstairs accidentally steps in growing diaper/laundry pile, gets poopoo on sock, carpet.
5:40--Look at huge laundry pile. Wonder when husband will arrive home with box of wine.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Six weeks

I have a six-week old in my house. I don't know how that happened. Soon he'll be off to college and I'll be weeping for my babies. Although his sister will be 27 at that point, so maybe the gap between children at home and grandparenthood won't be that big. Yes, this is what I think about.

Someday, I will share the miraculous story of his birth, but I am way too jittery to focus on that right now because I am jacked up on caffeine and steroids. (Sorry, Nursing Baby!) Somehow I managed to get poison ivy all over my FACE despite being Cesarean-sectionally restricted to hobbling outside and collapsing on a lawn chair while the children run around with the neighbors. I've heard people complain about our GP being 'old school,' but today I got squeezed in for an appointment I didn't have to pay for, and they gave me a free flu shot, too. Old school doctor FTW!

Now I must figure out what to feed ALL OF THESE CHILDREN since our supply of new baby meals has dried up. I'm thinking scrambled eggs.

How are you?