Thursday, October 27, 2011


The rules of blogging clearly state that if you shoot off your mouth about allergy-related frustrations, the next day you will be nominated for a food allergy blogging award that requires voting, thus bringing you confused visitors from nice, normal food allergy blogs.  Duly noted. 

And, of course, thank you very much for the nomination, Circle of Moms.  They're encouraging me to dust off my Twitter account and/or reveal my blogging identity to all of my high school friends on Facebook to drum up votes, which No Thank You.  But I will tell you all about it because you are just that lucky.  Let's see if we can get into the double digits!

I know not all of you are here for food allergy-related reasons, but I have to brag about some of my fellow nominees:
Maggie at Dog Hill Kitchen is one of the most impressive cooks ever, and her husband is a wonderful illustrator, which, how cool is that?
Kelly at Food Allergy Mama makes such great, family-friendly baked goods, you will like them whether you have allergies or not.  She has five kids; she knows what she's talking about.  We use her cookbook all the time.
Janeen at Our Story is one of my oldest and dearest friends living in my computer, and she helps me find good venison recipes.
Gina at Allergy Moms is a force to be reckoned with, not to mention the author of the only kids' food allergy book I really like.  (I cry every. time.)

So it really is an honor to have my little half-pineholed blog included with theirs. 


In answer to Misty's question, yes, we are extra careful with the dairy we keep in the house.  We don't use dairy in cast iron or on wooden cutting boards--anything that might absorb it and be hard to clean.  I use an old box grater to grate cheese, not the food processor.  Katherine's chores do not include doing dishes, just in case she might come in contact with something.  We keep most of the dairy in the cheese drawer in the fridge.  The middle kids know to wipe their hands after school and after eating anything dairy.  And we go through a forest's worth of paper goods every week wiping down the counters, table, hands, etc., instead of using cloths that might spread dairy around.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm the cream of the crop/I rise to the top

I have my first cold and sore throat of the season and will now treat you to a cold-medication induced blog post.  At least I finally learned (at thirty-seven) to stock up on cold meds *before* anyone got sick.
Yes, my birthday was last month.  The day was a comedy of errors, culminating in Graham pulling over the table that Kevin the parakeet's cage sits on.  Kevin now has a nice hook to hang from by the window.

As we stared at the bird seed and poo scattered all over our dining room floor, Scott declared a Saturday birthday do-over, which didn't work either.  Scott: "OK, so when we do your birthday again on SUNDAY..."  Me: "How many birthdays do I get?"  Scott, grimly: "As many as it takes."

This is the same man who convinced our children that "Jump Around" is Mommy's favorite song and that I want it to be the ring tone on my phone.*  Yet he doesn't see the humor when I call the baby 'Graham Master Flash.' Weird. 

Y'know, three of my four children can eat dairy.  Sometimes, I cook with dairy.  And sometimes, I link to a recipe and don't feel the need to explain the dairy-free substitutions to someone who doesn't need to know them.  I KNOW.  It's CRAZY.  I should ALWAYS be dairy free!  It's right there in my name!  I should change the post title to "I'm the [dairy-free] cream of the crop!"  It's false advertising!  What about my BRAND?

I have been drinking the couponing Kool-Aid.  Yesterday I bought 3 gallons of soymilk for $9!  But I'm still going to give the younger children dairy milk!  Because I am EEVIL.

*All because I sarcastically replied, "Jump around!" when he told me something not very exciting. I'm a treasure.

Sunday, October 16, 2011


I...just realized that almost none of the comments I've been leaving on blogs for the past few weeks have shown up because I was being prompted to sign in *after* commenting and didn't realize it.  Der.

So, to sum up: your vlogs are lovely, your news is so exciting, your recipes are delicious, your hair looks great, and I hear ya.

Also, thank you for all of the book recommendations.  My wish list is now very long.