Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jerome Bettis, Allergy Playbook, Auvi-Q

Does anyone else find it humorous that bloggers are often offered speaking engagements and telephone and television interviews? We're introverts! We're socially awkward! But sometimes there is an offer you can't pass up, like say, interviewing a former player from your family's favorite football team about a new epinephrine injector you love. And you think about chickening out but you don't know how you'd ever explain that to your children. So, in the words of Sundry, you get on the ________ plane. Or in my case, you talk to The Bus.

Two other bloggers were in my interview as well, and we all had the opportunity to ask Jerome Bettis two questions about allergies, asthma, his new Severe Allergy and Anaphylaxis Playbook, and Auvi-Q. We watched him answering the questions online while listening on the phone to both Jerome and someone telling us when it was our turn to talk and our turn to stop. Talking to one person while someone else is talking in your ear is weird. As a parent, you'd think I'd be used to that. Anyway, enjoy. Thank you to Auvi-Q for the opportunity, and thank you to Jerome for being so gracious.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Internet Sickness Warning Signs; Reader Question

I think I have a case of Internet Sickness. Here are some warning signs.

You, to your husband: Today was a great Facebook day, if I were that sort of person.
Husband: How so?
You: "Spent today with my beautiful family putting up the gazebo, painting porch furniture, and getting the yard ready for spring. Now my man is grilling chicken and baking bread for our yummy dinner. #IloveSaturdays"
It would be perfect if I had run 10 miles today. Or, you know, ever. I could include that too.
Husband: [Laughing] Step away from the computer.

You keep composing long incoherent rants in your head about food allergy-related food restrictions versus self-imposed food restrictions that factor in economic status and freedom of choice. You realize Speedbump Kitchen has already done this in a coherent, non-offensive manner. You consider attaching Speedbump Kitchen's post on liberty to everything you write.

You're thinking of changing your blog signature to "You can make whatever substitutions you want to in my recipes and you are welcome to share them if you can do so in a friendly, helpful manner.  Otherwise, you are welcome to do whatever you like in the privacy of your own kitchen."

Yeah, not the worst case I've ever seen, but time for a little sunlight therapy. What do you do to cure Internet Sickness?
So what reader are you all going to use since Google's is going away? I still use iGoogle for my homepage, too, late adapter that I am. Please help me move on.