Friday, June 28, 2013

And her grandfather thinks she won't be interested in hunting

Helen, what is that sound?

Cows mooing. And you know it’s Minecraft. They’ll stop mooing in a minute after I kill them to get the meat.

[time passes]

Do you hear mooing now?


That’s because I killed them all to get the meat. That was a lot of cows.

Can't wait till she tells her Kindergarten teacher.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

Last Day of School

I always get a little weepy on the last day of school. Well, unless a child has had a difficult year that I am glad to see the back end of. Of which I am glad to see the back end. But even then, it's such a clear marker of the passage of time and the growing of the children.

Eldest will be in middle school next year, which she is totally ready for. She and her best friend are so anxious to have their own lockers. For the past two years, it's as if they've had "Please take one" signs on their desks. Items are stolen in their classrooms all. the. time. And while I understand the teachers aren't going to waste time figuring out whose pencil/highlighter/pencil sharpener it really is, it's irritating.

Anyway, I thought I was handling the upcoming change of schools pretty well until she said matter-of-factly, "This is my last day in elementary school. It will be the last day I ever have recess." *SOB*

Second child is also changing schools from the cozy nest of the Kindergarten/First grade building to the large elementary school. I told him I would miss our walks to school (and made him walk with me in the rain this morning for his last day). He told me he would miss them, too, and suggested he come on some of my evening walks so we could still have time alone to walk and talk. *SOB*

Yesterday was Kindergarten open house for number three. Yes, three kids in three different schools next year. I can still hold onto a bit of denial for one more year because our Kindergarten is half day. First grade is the year that is the hardest for me. Still, the "Welcome Class of 2026" poster hit me hard. *SOB*

So, Graham, you and your September birthday-self are going to have to stay home with me for one more year and give me lots of hugs.