Wednesday, January 31, 2007

First Post

Bleah. Facing a blank blog is as bad as facing a blank page. Ok, I'm
just going to take Anne Lamott's advice and do a "down draft." Just get it down.
I can fix it in an "up draft" later. (That will be never, but it makes me
feel better.)

So anyway, I've started this blog as a place to
collect all that I am learning about food allergies, specifically dairy
allergies. As you may know, our beautiful K has severe
dairy allergies, and we want to provide her with
the best diet we can. Hopefully, this blog will help with that.

I am sure, knowing myself as I do, that I will not always stay on topic
and will veer off into ramblings about many other topics. That's part
of the joy of a blog, though, right?