Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm the cream of the crop/I rise to the top

I have my first cold and sore throat of the season and will now treat you to a cold-medication induced blog post.  At least I finally learned (at thirty-seven) to stock up on cold meds *before* anyone got sick.
Yes, my birthday was last month.  The day was a comedy of errors, culminating in Graham pulling over the table that Kevin the parakeet's cage sits on.  Kevin now has a nice hook to hang from by the window.

As we stared at the bird seed and poo scattered all over our dining room floor, Scott declared a Saturday birthday do-over, which didn't work either.  Scott: "OK, so when we do your birthday again on SUNDAY..."  Me: "How many birthdays do I get?"  Scott, grimly: "As many as it takes."

This is the same man who convinced our children that "Jump Around" is Mommy's favorite song and that I want it to be the ring tone on my phone.*  Yet he doesn't see the humor when I call the baby 'Graham Master Flash.' Weird. 

Y'know, three of my four children can eat dairy.  Sometimes, I cook with dairy.  And sometimes, I link to a recipe and don't feel the need to explain the dairy-free substitutions to someone who doesn't need to know them.  I KNOW.  It's CRAZY.  I should ALWAYS be dairy free!  It's right there in my name!  I should change the post title to "I'm the [dairy-free] cream of the crop!"  It's false advertising!  What about my BRAND?

I have been drinking the couponing Kool-Aid.  Yesterday I bought 3 gallons of soymilk for $9!  But I'm still going to give the younger children dairy milk!  Because I am EEVIL.

*All because I sarcastically replied, "Jump around!" when he told me something not very exciting. I'm a treasure.


  1. Oh, this whole post just made me laugh out loud. I like the sarcastic side of you. And Graham Master Flash=GENIUS.

  2. I never eat a pig cuz a pig is a cop.

    So now THAT'S in my head...Happy Birthday! Are you totally high on cold medication? Sometimes it's fun to take non-drowsy Sudafed and then drink like eight cups of coffee. Wheeeeee!

  3. Oh! How about that. Do you have to be extra special careful with the dishes? I was thinking of you yesterday when I was putting the macaroni dishes in the sink and wondering if I wiped down the counters with the rag I used for the macaroni, if I would be spreading milk protiens everywhere.

    Scooter isn't allergic to all the things the stupid allergist told us. So now we are just avoiding dairy and nuts. Anyway. I shall quit rambling. :)

  4. This is my favorite part: "Scott, grimly: 'As many as it takes.'"

  5. I think we should all aspire to have the "as many as it takes" husband.

  6. SUCH a treasure! If only they all got you.

  7. Ha! Love the attitude in this post. And your birthday, memorable :-)
    Pig x