Monday, June 30, 2008

The Magic Box Wants Me to Buy Things

Nothing like a weekend of severe thunderstorms complete with hail to make a family gather in front of the magic box and be bombarded with commercials. "You need those, Mommy!"

My top and bottom commercial picks:

This commercial for Benadryl Perfect Measure (click on "watch the TV spot") cracks me up every time. For YEARS I carried that very baggie filled with a leaking bottle of Benadryl, a semi-crushed, sticky measuring cup, and tissues and/or paper towels to soak up the drips. I can't tell you how many purses I baptized with Benadryl over the years. I know they are appealing to a very specific audience with this ad, but that audience is ME. And we do love the new perfect measure spoons so, so much. I can take one in my pocket or hand one to another adult who is watching K without getting medicine everywhere. I don't have to buy an entire bottle of Benadryl for each separate location (church, school, Gramma's house, etc.) When she gets a little older, she can keep one in her own pocket. They are AWESOME.

Have you seen the new T-Mobile commercial that makes fun of the Hatfields and the McCoys? I can't find a link to it. I know it's just a stupid commercial, but it kind of ticks me off. I find it interesting that in these days of extreme political correctness it's still Ok to joke around about feuding "hillbillys." Also, it's just weird to see an ad that makes fun of your husband's and children's family--with really, really bad Southern accents, no less. If you ever meet us in person, "Better make sure there aren't any McCoys around! Heh, heh," has been done. To death.

But enough about my weekend of TV viewing! You want to hear about more cereal! And the Pay It Forward contest! And my anniversary! I'm on it.


  1. I love the Perfect Measure in theory but wish Benadryl would make a small sized "travel" bottle for this same purpose. My kid's dose is now 4 tsps.

    What I HATE are those fast-melt strips. Another good idea in theory...but good luck ripping those little packages open, even with scissors. Nightmare!

  2. Good point, m! But they're on the right track.

    Oh, yes, the fastmelt strips, um, suck. They are impossible to open, especially when you are in a hurry because of an allergic reaction, and they are NOT a kid-friendly flavor. Vanilla mint?? Bleah.

  3. I love commercials. Some are clever, some are stupid. Talking about stupid ones, have you seen the one where the woman "drinks" out of the man's mouth. It's a mint/gum commercial (can't remember what right now), but it gives me the creeps. Ugh. Gross. I seriously cringe every time I see it on. My husband laughs. He loves it. **insert eye rolling here**

  4. Me too on the benedryl!! I spent a few hours cleaning my very favorite diaper bag this weekend and the majority of the mess was exactly that!!

  5. MD--I have *not* seen that one. It does sound gross. Scott always laughs at any commercial involving slapstick physical humor, ie. falling down.

  6. Hey! I have that sticky baggie of Benadryl, too! But with a sticky syringe instead of a sticky squashed measuring cup.

    When I worked in a pharmacy, I took home a couple of the small 2-ounce prescription bottles. I wish I'd taken more, because those are SO HANDY. (They still do get sticky. But they're smaller, so there's less sticky.)

  7. Attention Benadryl: Please come out with a six-pack of two-ounce bottles. Thank you.

  8. That is an hysterical commercial. I'd never seen it before. I need to try those perfect measures. They look great to have on hand. right now I have a bunch of sample bottles of Zyrtec their allergist gave me. But I have those in a plastic bag too. :)