Thursday, June 05, 2008

K is for Kiwi

At least, that's what we decided. Katherine had to bring a food that begins with the first letter of her name to the ABC Picnic at school today. She chose kiwi. Eli, Helen, and I stopped by to help K. make a plate of dairy-free foods. There were some fun choices, like Meg@n's mini marshmallows and Sp3ncer's Swedish fish. W1ll's mom made 22 individual watermelon fruit cups in tiny Ziploc containers. Go, W1ll's mom!

Eli was pitching a fit as we left, and our neighbor and good friend H., who is a kindergarten teacher, stepped out into the hallway saying, "That sounds like Eli!" Is our town that small, or is his fussing that distinctive? Probably both.

And it doesn't hurt my feelings AT ALL that I'm the only one who commented on my guest post at Mommy Daisy's. Glad I could up her blog traffic like that. Oy. Speaking of blog traffic, I deleted all of the NH pics from my vacation post because I'm tired of people coming here for Old Country Store images. Go to their website, dudes. Also, have fun with your Star Wars birthday parties, and quit sending me emails about how I can make my "weener" bigger.


  1. Hey, you did get a few more comments. I hope you saw them. Doesn't matter to me if I got more traffic. I know I have plenty of regular readers (even if they don't always comment) and I thought it would be nice for someone to meet other bloggers. Maybe it will get you some new blog readers.

    The ABC picnic sounds great. And I meant to say about the last post that your teacher gifts sound wonderful to me.