Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Do you hear pounding?

I do because we're getting a new roof. Well, we're getting a new roof on the house and porch. The attached garage/shed combo will have to wait a few years. Is there anything more anticlimactic than pouring money into your house for necessary repairs? Maybe next we'll redo the wiring! WHOO! So pretty! At least I won't cringe every time it rains, so that's something. And I did get to pick the shingle color. (Scott: "There are different colors?")

In part of my ongoing quest to bum free food off of people, I'm expecting a delivery of overripe tomatoes and some basil today. You know I'm going to make Catherine Newman's roasted tomato sauce. Did you see her food feature in the latest Family Fun? Now I must have the microwave chips maker she mentions. Hey, I love the Whirley-Pop she recommended.

I was at a church meeting last night where the other members of the committee un-ironically referred to me as a "youngster." I've often thought that I never want to live in a retirement community because I want to be surrounded by people of various ages making me feel young. It never occurred to me I might start reaping those benefits in my late thirties.

Welp, this youngster's going to do some cooking and try to drown out the pounding with children's musical soundtracks.


  1. We had our wiring redone this past spring. Booooriiiiing.

  2. That tomato sauce is awesomesauce.

  3. Ahhh, roofs. We have done two in the past 3 years. Not fun. Is that the magazine where I was inspired this month to make quinoa muffins? Mmmm, I gotta post those!

    Hey, come over and enter to win some natural candy! I know you need some. ;)

    1. Yes! I thought those muffins looked good, too!

      Also, yay candy!