Thursday, December 04, 2008

Lollipops and Fields of Flowers

Sometimes things go on that just aren't bloggable. For me anyway. Let's just say that I agree with Not Your Aunt Bea that things are a bit craptastic right now.

How about some healthy denial, otherwise known as "Lollipops and fields of flowers!" Let's make a Christmas meme. If one already exists, sue me.

Favorite Christmas Carol: O Holy Night (when sung WELL)
Favorite Christmas Cookie: These coconut-rice krispie-date things our neighbors used to make. Anyone have the recipe?
Favorite Christmas Movie: It's a Wonderful Life (Which is also my favorite movie, period.)
Favorite Christmas Tradition: Lighting candles and singing "Silent Night" at the Christmas Eve service, then driving home to see the luminaries our neighbors line the street with each year.
Christmas Dinner: Usually ham or roast beef
Best Childhood Christmas Present: When I was 11, I asked for books, and I received about 15. I spent a lot of time putting them in the order I wanted to read them. (Yeah, yeah. NERD.)
What do you do with Christmas Cards? We keep them in a basket on the entertainment center.
Sitting on Santa's lap: fun or scary? Scary!
EDITED: New questions from MzEll!
What is the best gift you've given?
Wow, probably the little door to my Mom's college mailbox, purchased from the college after the building burned down.
What is your favorite Christmas book?
I LOVE Christmas books. My favorite is the story "Christmas Every Day."
When did you find out the truth about Santa?
I was pretty young, but I thought it was fun to keep "believing" till I was 9 or 10.
Christina adds:
Where is your favorite place to celebrate Christmas?
Our house.
If you think of more questions, I'll add them. Otherwise, consider yourself TAGGED. EDITED: or, you can answer some or all of the questions in the comment section. Come back and let me know if you post the answers on your blog!


  1. I'm sooo doing this! I have a couple of additional questions to add as well....

    What is the best gift you've given?

    What is your favorite Christmas book?

    When did you find out the truth about Santa?

    Thanks for the meme!! I'm sick, but really wanted to post something today and now I have the perfect solution.

  2. Oh, dear. Sorry about the craptacularness. I'll join in with the distraction and denial.

    Favorite Christmas Carol: Oh, I LOVE Jewel's version of O Holy Night. I also like Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, and I like Walking in a Winter Wonderland.

    Favorite Christmas Movie: Scrooged, with Bill Murray.

    Favorite Christmas Tradition: Driving around in the dark right before bedtime on Christmas Eve, with the kids in their pajamas, listening to Christmas music and looking at holiday displays in the neighborhood.

    Favorite Christmas Book: This Year It Will Be Different, by Maeve Binchy.

  3. Great idea -- the whole country is having a "craptastic" time of it, I think.

    I'm definitely going to be doing this! And I'd like to add "Where is your favorite place to celebrate Christmas?"

  4. I don't have a fave christmas carol but I LOVE the eighties song Do They Know It's Christmas

    I love every year when I get to hear it on the radio again.

    ps...hope things get less craptastic for you soon.

  5. MzEll--Thanks for playing along!

    Swistle--Ooh, I haven't read that Maeve Binchy one. *adding to my list*


    Tammie--Oh, yes! I love BandAid!