Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School Essentials

Laptop Lunches Laptop Lunch System in pink.

Photo courtesy of Laptop Lunches

Mabel's Labels from Christa: Allergy Alerts for medicine/snack containers/outside of lunchbox.

Mabel's Labels photos courtesy of Mabel's Labels
Skinny Minis for everything else--especially one for every component of the lunchbox.

Medical ID bracelet with pink and red hearts. (I might get some of these disposable ones, too.)

Image courtesy of American Medical ID


  1. Oh, I have been coveting those laptop lunchboxes! I just haven't gotten the guts to spend the money on something my boys might throw away! I lost so much tupperware last year... sigh....

    Love the labels! Such a good idea even for kids without allergies!

  2. LOVE Mabels labels. We have a set and they really stick, even through the dishwasher, rain and snow and constant abuse.

    I like those lunch boxes too. They're a tad pricey though, considering we've never made it more than one school year with a lunch box.

  3. My Boy has that lunchbox, too! Although his is not pink. He hasn't lost a single piece of it, and he's a forgetful little guy - the way everything fits in like a puzzle really seems to encourage him to keep it together (although you CAN buy replacement containors for 50 cents, so don't worry too much.).

  4. Thank you, Beck. I'll stop being defensive now.

  5. i got tired of my son throwing away tupperware so i started putting post-its that said "dont throw me away please" on all the tupperware.

    it helped get him into the habit of not trashing the containers.

  6. Thanks for posting the labels - I've been looking for these for when go somewhere where the caregivers don't know our kids. We don't have 1st response allergies, but avoid wheat, eggs, pastuerized milk, peanut, and soy due to sensitivities. I love finding other blogs where parents are being strong advocates for their children with food problems! Nice to meet you!

  7. That's a very neat lunch box set. I don't have to brave lunches until next year for Kayla. She's still half days this year. I just don't think about that yet though. ;)

  8. great resources! found you through boysrulemylife. i may have to link you on my blog if that's ok. :)