Monday, August 18, 2008

Jumping Back In

Wow, there's a lot to catch up on! I loved reading about everyone's favorite cookbooks. Jennifer B, I don't know what I'd do without my Fannie Farmer cookbook. Vivian and Charlotte, I'm putting Veganomicon and Elizabeth David on my reading list. And I love old/church/fundraising cookbooks, too! Alisa and I are working on a theory that old cookbooks can be really good resources for dairy-free cooking. Oleo!

Don Mills Diva and her talented sister-in-law are doing a month's worth of gluten-free recipes on Don Mills Diva Recipes and Reviews.

Linda Coss has released her second cookbook, What Else is to Eat? the sequel to What's to Eat?. You can read more about it here.

Finding a Cure for Food Allergies has been nominated as an American Express Members Project. Read more about it here, and consider voting for it here if you are an American Express cardmember.

Now I'm off to help the kids make cards and cake for Daddy.


  1. That photo is awesome. I'm glad that you had a fun time. And how great to find a new breakfast spot for your family!

  2. I'm glad the trip was "uneventful". Breakfast is so tricky - we'll brave that one in Disney in January. Shudder.

    Thanks for the amex info. I don't have their card, but my parents do - I've passed on the info.