Tuesday, June 26, 2007


So, what's up with you? Me? Nothing. Just summer stuff, wedding stuff...oh yeah, and a surprise pregnancy.

Yep. Due date January 26, 2008. That's one week before Eli's second birthday. Mostly I am excited, but I'm also very nervous. My sister and I are nine and a half years apart. Katherine and Eli are four and a half years apart. I don't know how this two-year spacing is going to work. This is what I get for saying, "I don't know how they do it!" about friends with closely-spaced children. Now I get to find out for myself. We've always wanted three children, but my timeline and God's were a bit different. Ah, well. It will all work out.

Although my mother had a dream that I was pregnant with twin boys, we found out yesterday that there is just one Baby Peanut on the way. Scott went out and bought a minivan this weekend, so now he feels ready. "We'll all fit in this house, and we'll all fit in this van." Katherine is hoping for a sister. I pointed out to her that I never had a brother, and she does, and she said, "Maybe Grandma and Grandad will have another baby so you can have a brother, Mama!"

We talked some more about how the baby could be a boy or a girl, and she said, "But either way, it'll be my baby!"

Eli keeps patting my (already pooching) tummy saying, "Bay-bay? Bay-BAY!"

Anyway, I'm sorry I haven't been writing as much or commenting as much, but it's been hard to keep this a secret. I'd want to write about Go Dairy Free or cookie recipes, but my brain was making my hands type "BABYBABYBABYPREGNANTPREGNANTPREGNANT!!!"

I think, like many other bloggers, I am finding that summer is a not-so-much-blogging time. But I'll try to write more frequently now that my secret is out.

Now if I can just cram myself into my bridesmaid dress on August fourth....


  1. Guess I get to be the first to say it. CONGRATULATIONS! I'm sure you're thrilled no matter what. I hope that spacing goes well for you. I bet it will be just fine. It sounds like your kids will be prepared well by the time the baby comes. My son is 15 months, and I can't help but think "wow, 2 years apart, that means I'd have to get pregnant right now". While I'd be ok with that, it would be a surprise to me too. Although we are thinking abuot trying for a 2 1/2 year gap. I'll be watching to see how you're doing with the pregnancy. How very exciting! Best of luck!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS! This is such happy, exciting news!

  3. Sarah!! That is amazing!! Congratulations!!

    Don't sweat the close in age-ness. Eddie and Caitlyn are 19 months apart and are the best of friends (on most days)

    YAY for you!!!

  4. Congratulations!! It will all work out!

    My twins were 16 months old when I found out I was pg with our surprise! They were 2 for four days when the baby was born.

    I have found that Caleb is easily entertained by the twins, and spends alot of time watching them play. They aren't too 'old' to not want to play with him or include him in their playtime. Its working out!!

  5. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! How exciting and such AWESOME news!!!!

  6. Congrats! I'm two years older than my brother and it was great growing up. We were able to play together, there were only a few years where we weren't in the same school, that kind of thing. My cousin has five kids and she thinks the 2 year spacing was the best for her. (She also has a 1 year spacing and a 5 year spacing to compare to.)

  7. Congratulations!! What a wonderful surprise. Wishing you a healthy and happy nine months!!

  8. Thanks, everyone. I know it will all be fine, I just have to overcome my planner nature.

    It was really great to hear the heartbeat yesterday. There's a *baby* in there!

  9. Wow! My first visit here and you have such exciting news.
    Some of my friends have kids who are 18 months-28 months apart and while it's busier, they said that they're really happy that things worked out that way because their kids are SO close. What a blessing!

  10. Close together is the WAY TO GO! It's so much fun. My Bub and Pie are just a whisper apart, in some ways - they both learn so much from each other.


  11. Yeah, congratulations! No worries on the writing : )

  12. Congratulations


  13. Congratulations! The 2 year space is awesome by the way. The kids will be great friends.

    It'll be a little busy in the beginning, but the baby will adjust to the kids' schedules just fine. And vice versa.


  14. Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!! How exciting. How are you feeling? I was always so tired my first trimester. Can't wait to hear how it is with three!!!!

  15. Guess I'm the last to know! That's what happens when you leave the continent for 10 days. Congratulations! I didn't read all the comments but I want to reassure you, as many probably already have, that closely-spaced kids are AWESOME! Mine are 2 years apart and they are best friends. Early on, it's challenging but... not really. I think I've already forgotten about it. Now that they are 5 and 3, they love the same activities and games. They can entertain each other for days. It's actually so much harder when I just have one around.