Monday, June 04, 2007

Monday Mission: Travel Guide

Theflyingmum asked me to participate in this week's Monday Mission. Happy to participate!

Significant other on a business trip? Come enjoy a relaxing, four-night, five-day stay in Leftbehindville. Your days will begin with young children (ages five and under) jumping on your bed and asking, "Where's Daddy?" They will happily repeat this service every morning of your stay. After a leisurely breakfast of corn flakes and soy milk, the day is yours to fill however you see fit. Some options include: dragging young children on errands, scouring the neighborhood for other children to entertain yours, and making a special trip to the duck pond to wade through duck and goose feces while the children whine that they want to play at the playground instead. (In case of emergency, head directly to Showtime Video.)

You can expect your spouse to place at least two calls a day from Florida to tell you all about his trip, his visit to Epcot, and last night's steak dinner. But he's not the only one with a swanky meal plan! You will have everything in the kitchen cupboards at your disposal, as well as takeout choices: pizza or Chinese.

Your evenings will be filled with the tears of children who miss their father and don't want to go to bed. Put them to bed anyway; your two best friends are on their way over with a chocolate pie. But after the pie, it's straight to bed for you! Only four more days to go!


  1. Okay, THAT was fabulous.
    Leftbehindville. I love it!
    Please leave a comment in Jennifer's comments to let her know you participated this week.

  2. Oh how true! And oh, how funny. Love it!
    My rugrat granddaughter has a nut allergy and a best friend with a dairy allergy. Sympathy.

  3. Flying Mum's right, this was fabulous! Thanks for playing : )

    I have been to someplace similar myself, many times -- but I never got pie. Next time I'm come straight to Leftbehindville!

  4. BTW I lived in Eastern PA from age 9 until graduating from high school. I don't think I could move back --but I now live in the town where my husband grew up.

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  6. Wow! Hi, all new people! Thanks for letting me play; I like Monday Missions.

    Jennifer--what's it like living in your husband's hometown? I'm sure you and my husband could trade stories...

    HWC - hi and welcome!

  7. Great way to play! Don't you just love "Where's Daddy?" when MOMMY is obviously readily available?!

  8. PS I'm another PA girl married to a PA boy... but currently living in the midwest.

    And my brother and his wife are vegans; my mother found a great cookbook to use when she cooks for them: Tofu Cookery by Louise Hagler.

  9. Yay for PA people! I haven't tried that cookbook; I'll have to look for it. Thanks!

  10. This is hilarious! And so sadly true -- I can relate! The phone calls from Traveling Daddy are the worst: when he tries to pretend he's missing home too much to be really enjoying himself? Um...ok. LOL.

    -- Jennifer (Faking It is my blog and I'm another Monday Missioner. :)

  11. I love the story! It's very true and very funny. I felt like I wsa going through it with you... now if only I had some chocolate pie!!

  12. Sounds like my life. Only it's California not Flordia. And I'm out of chocolate pie :(