Thursday, May 17, 2007

On Friendship

In honor of Food Allergy Week, I'd like to thank a few people.

Thank you to Katherine's classmates, who are careful with their milk and who like to bring in snacks that everyone in class can eat. As one of Katherine's friends told her mother, "I'm not having any treats for my birthday that Katherine can't have. That's not fair."

Thank you to the kids who attend children's church with Katherine, and who tell every new teacher, "Katherine can't have dairy. You can't give her those cheese crackers." (A special thank you to our minister's children. Their parents can't eat dairy, either, and those kids are some of the best label readers we know.)

Thank you to the parents who invite Katherine to parties and run out and buy soy ice cream and dairy-free cake mixes, even after I tell them that I'm happy to bring those items myself. One of my friends said to me, "I just don't think the mother should have to do extra work every time her daughter is invited to a party." (Of course I wouldn't mind, but I do so appreciate the thought.)

Thank you to our neighbors, who are so careful with Katherine, and to their children, who oh-so-patiently smile and nod at me as I ask them to wash their hands after eating dairy. "We know, Miss Sarah, because it makes Katherine sick."

Thanks to you all.


  1. What a lovely thank-you letter! Gratitude so honestly and genuinely expressed - beautiful.
    Oh, another good word verification: "mambi."
    Is that like "mimbo," only for deer?

  2. We should start a word verification dictionary, for sure.

  3. What a great idea for a post this week. I wish I had thought of it. :) You and your children have some wonderful friends. I too am thankful for my friends who go out of their way. I never mind bringing food either but some insist on me telling them what they can get for Kayla. I love the "it's not fair" comment from the birthday girl. Kids are very compassionate - so many people don't give them enough credit.

  4. we're just beginning what appears to be the road to allergy diagnosis, and it's daunting...your letter made me realize that perhaps all is not horrible, and that the kids around my kid may learn to be a help, not just a potential danger.


  5. It is wonderful to have such understanding friends, and I think her friends' support helps Katherine be more confident in speaking up for herself.

  6. Supportive people make it so much easier. What a wonderful post.

  7. I just found your blog. My 6 year old son has severe, life threatning allergies to all dairy and dairy by products, as well as eggs and peanuts. I to am overwhelmed with gratitude when people get it and do their part in keeping him safe. We however do not usually attend birthday parties simply because of his allergies. When school is back in session next year I may try. It may mean I take him safe alternatives but it is so hard. Like when they have a party at Chucky Cheese Pizza place...I would be afraid to take him in the door, he is that allergic! I will be watching your blog for recipes etc. I have very little and with the egg and peanut allergry thrown in the mix it is hard to make treats sometimes. great blog.