Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bridal Shower Games?

I would like to jump on Swistle's bridal-themed bandwagon and ask, do you know any good bridal shower games? And by "good" I mean:
  • They do not draw an uncomfortable amount of attention to the bride
  • They are easy and low key
  • They are good for a wide age range of people
  • They do not involve toilet paper
Thank you in advance!


  1. Oh, me me me, I want to keep playing! But I am useless at this particular question. The only two bridal shower games I know are (1) everyone works together to make the bride a wedding dress out of toilet paper, and (2) the bride holds a roll of toilet paper between her legs, aiming for a broomstick held between a party guest's legs. Klassy!

    I like bridal showers with yummy cake and pink punch and lots of sitting around emitting little screams at how exciting this is and how great the presents are. Oh, I guess I also like word games. Like, you take the bride's name and the groom's name and see how many words you can make out of the letters. Or there are sites online that will make a (free) word search out of any words you select--it would be neat to put in the couple's names, and a bunch of things significant to them. Oh, and trivia quizzes for everyone except the bride! Like, where did the couple meet, where was their first date, first gift, whatever.

  2. Oh, and I think prizes are important. It's nice when they're small but very desirable, like a piece of Godiva/Lindt chocolate. As opposed to, say, a pair of edible underwear.

  3. visiting from swistle! :)
    1. answer questions about the bride and groom (where they met, where they went to school, etc) and the person with the most correct answers wins a prize.
    2. "gift bingo" - everyone gets a blank bingo card writes a gift in each square and when the bride opens a gift on your card you mark it off. the person who gets a "bingo" first wins a prize.
    3. guess how many rings are in the jar. fill a candy jar with fake wedding rings have guests guess how many are in it.
    these were played at my bridal shower and i was glad because they were not embarrassing and easily played by everyone BUT me! :)

  4. I had a "NO GAMES" shower, but I like the ideas posted by swistle and blueberry. The 'net has got to have whole sites devoted to this very topic, no?

  5. I am killing myself laughing at the idea of my eighty-something-year-old great aunts holding a broomstick between their legs while my sister aims a TP roll at them. Klassy, indeed!

    I like the bingo and Q&A ideas. Another one someone told me was to randomly set a timer while the bride opens gifts. If it goes off while she's opening yours, you win a prize!

    I don't know if I have the strength to delve into the bridal shower sites the Internet has to offer, but I'll be sure to tell you all about the foods and prizes, etc. after the shower. I want Em to be surprised.

  6. 'K, found this. I didn't look at any of the listed activities, so it they truly stink, forgive me.
    AAAAAACK! Word verification is "iqevade" - like IQ evade: me before morning caffeine has kicked in.

  7. Thanks, Becky! I like this one, since we'll have all kinds of people at the shower:
    Who Am I?
    As they arrive, give each guest a name tag, and ask her to tell you, in a few words, how she's connected to the guest of honor. Under the person's name, write an abbreviated version of her response -- for example, "BFCR" for bride's first college roommate. As guests mingle, they can try to guess what the abbreviations stand for.

  8. Leave it to Martha to have the good games ideas. And, really, good ideas for just about everything else too.

  9. Hey, the Monday Mission for June 4th is "Travel Guide Entry" ala Lonely Planet. Interested? Here are Jennifer's topics

  10. OOH! This is my favorite one (because I'ma TV Junkie)

    Famous TV Couples

    You give an example like Fred and Wilma and then the guests would give you the coupl'es shared last name. Very cute, huh?

    None of the uncomfortable crap. No TP brides....