Tuesday, November 05, 2013


  • I stole my title from Superjules.
  • E's named this year's jack o' lantern Mr. Bipples. I don't want to forget that.
  • Nor do I want to forget G's current stage of yelling, "I do it my OWNself!" at everyone alternated with telling us, "I luff you. You want hugs and kisses?" 
  • We are in week three of having work done on the house. Exciting work like: re-plastering the kitchen ceiling, making a doorway from the kitchen to the living room, and prying the 70s vinyl wallboard off the bathroom walls. Hey, I'm happy about it. Or I will be when it's finished.
  • Maybe when you have work done in your house and you are living in the house, don't have work done in the kitchen AND in your one bathroom at the same time. Pro tip.
  • We do have a Pittsburgh toilet in the basement, so that's helpful.
  • And I can do crock pot cooking. I am loving Stephanie's new book. 
  • Alisa's apple butter is cooking in the crock pot right now. 
  • I am still thinking about Swistle's coffee shop post. And wishing Tessie would blog again.
  • One of us needs to win this wild blueberries sweepstakes.


  1. We had our kitchen redone and our main floor bathroom redone and our front entry redone and our FIREPLACE stripped of all the old 70s rock and redone AT THE SAME TIME.

    1. I have been thinking of your experience with newfound sympathy lately.

  2. What exactly can we do to get Tessie blogging? I mean, surely if we all badger her enough that will work, right? The I do it my OWNself phase is one of the best/worst.

    1. Tess, we will all spam you daily until you begin writing again.
      Love, Your Internet Friends