Wednesday, January 04, 2012


I know we have lots to catch up on, but, oh, you guys.  I'm just so sad.  Seven-year old Ammaria died of an allergic reaction at her school on Monday.  They didn't give her Benadryl.  They didn't administer an EpiPen.  Instead of calling 911, they called her parents to come pick her up.  She died of cardiac arrest.

Everyone in the allergy community has been writing about it.  Libby made me laugh and sob in the same instant when she said her 2012 resolution is "no more dead children."  I wish a new year's resolution could make it so.

Praying for Ammaria's family.


  1. This is so awful. So so awful. Why won't people listen...

  2. OMG. So, so sad. It just illustrates why some parents are afraid to let children out of their sight, especially if they have any kind of medical condition. I just don't understand--it sounds like they have policies in place, why didn't they follow them? I thought that most people realized how severe allergic reactions could be--I guess I was naive. Such a tragic story.

  3. When I hear something like this, I have a hard time believing it, because how can someone possibly be so stupid? How could they do that?

  4. Oh my goodness. I will. So sad.

  5. I read that the mom didn't supply the school with an EpiPen. Terrible. Could have been prevented.

    FAAN is trying to get a bill passed to have extra EpiPens at all schools for situations like this and when someone needs more than one. Why it's taking so long for them to pass this is ridiculous.