Monday, January 04, 2010

Hey, it's 2010

I assume you all are doing well. I'm not sure, though, since my almost-two-year old deleted all of your posts from my reader. Apparently she wants me to spend less time blogging and more time planning her princess birthday party at the end of the month. "I pincess! Is mine! Pincess cake!" We'll follow that up with another John Deere birthday for Eli, just to keep things interesting.

I've been working on cleaning out our house, chanting, "Keep the memory, not the thing" and reminding myself that it is more important to use the space in our house as effectively as possible than to keep every toy the children have ever received. Would it have been more effective for me to take down the Christmas decorations before I started decluttering? Probably, but it's not Epiphany yet....

So that's what's going on here on the first day back to school when every other district in our county has a two-hour delay, the snow is sifting down, the tree is dark, and Christmas is over.


  1. Happy New Year!

    I read the book It's All Too Much by Peter Walsh over the holidays. We don't have a huge clutter problem in general, but the playroom and the garage are atrocious! The book was mostly common sense, but I did pick up a few good ideas. Good luck with your project!

  2. Happy New Year - I've missed you!

    The princess cake sounds awesome, as does the John Deere - that would be extremely popular in my house.

    I'm trying to declutter too! It's not going great, but I have made inroads on clothing that doesn't fit, or I don't wear, etc., etc.

  3. I love "Keep the Memory, not the Thing".

    Happy New Year!

  4. happy new year!

    and i second the recommendation for It's All Too Much. it definitely made me feel less guilty about throwing stuff away.

    we just had a princess cake in these parts too. actually it was just a pink cake with Disney Princess Sprinkles.

  5. I have to laugh at the two-year old thing. I lock my computer so AJU5 can't do that to me! This of course was after she did other things when she was 15 or so months old...
    Good luck with the princess party! You can do it!

  6. Oh, "pincess"---that's too cute!

    I continue to have so much trouble decluttering. One of my problems is that I keep bringing stuff IN---so not only do I keep having to declutter, but I have this feeling like it's not working and also like maybe decluttering changes my inner balance and I'll always compensate by buying more.

  7. Happy New Year! Yay for princess cakes! If you were closer, I'd let you borrow my doll cake pan. A big hit until you try to cut into her- only tears then. So, probably not a good idea anyhow. I will have to see if the library has that book. I am a minimalist anyways for most things, but books and clothes (especially baby clothes) I am horrible about donating or tossing.

  8. Keep the Memory, Not the Thing. LOVE. We are thoroughly in decluttering mode as well and I'm embarassed by the amount of STUFF leaving through the back door.

  9. De-cluttering the house is a ritual of mine around this time of year. It is also a necessity-with out the process I would end up on the TLC show about individuals the hoard so much stuff they can not find their beds!

    Here is wishing everyone a happy, safe, and clutter free New Year!

  10. I need to clean my house like that too. I'm so very reluctant to give up toys. I've put some baby ones away, but otherwise they are all over the place. He has too many to start with, then he got tons more for Christmas. And his birthday is only 2 months away too. Whew! Wears me out every year. But if I don't do something soon, he will have no place to sleep in his room. LOL

    Aww, Helen is too cute!

  11. I have to work at being detached from Things, too. It's hard, especially with kid stuff!!! As they get older, though, and I have more perspective, it's getting easier.

    Our inside Xmas stuff is gone, but the outside stuff will remain there until a) it's not so freakin' windy and b) I'm damn good and ready to deal with is!!!