Tuesday, August 25, 2009

And the Regular Pediatrician said...

At the end of H's checkup yesterday, I pulled out the inhaler that Substitute Pediatrician gave Katherine and showed it to Regular Pediatrician. He looked at it, looked at K's files, and then proceeded to pull up a list of every medication containing dairy. (It's a looong list.) He read them off to me, made note of them in K's file, then refilled her prescription for her original, dairy-free inhaler.
Then he looked at me and said, "This is going to be a good day."
Me: "?"
Regular Pediatrician: "I didn't know dairy was in this particular inhaler. I learned something new today, so I know it's going to be a good day."
Me: "!"
Regular Pediatrician: "I have several other patients with milk protein allergies, but they're babies and aren't old enough for these medications yet. I wasn't aware that all of these medications contain milk protein. [Holds out his hand for me to shake.] You helped people today."
Me: "OK...."

He did not:
  • Speak disparagingly of his colleague
  • Defend his colleague
  • Act as if he knew something he didn't
  • Act defensive
  • Tell me the medication would be fine for her
  • Dismiss my concerns
Yay, Regular Pediatrician!


  1. Impressive! Like I said in my comment yesterday, ALLERGISTS here prescribe it regularly to milk allergic kids. I know 2 that take it daily that have had anaphylactic reactions to dairy and seemingly have no problem with this medicine. But me? I am like you - I spend the majority of time avoiding milk and all its little components. It goes against all natural instinct to inhale lactose!!!!!

    I am glad you have a ped. you like and that respects you. He sounds like a good dr., which I think is difficult to find.

    I hope K is feeling ok!

    Thanks for sharing what happened. I was curious.

  2. I would drive 50 miles one way to see a good pediatrician.

  3. I'm so impressed with the way your ped. handled that situation. Gold stars all around. This should be printed up and handed out as a lesson to doctors!

  4. Sounds like a great doctor (my fav is that he did not speak against the sub pediatrician) and I love how your side of the convo can be summed up with punctuation marks! haha :)

  5. YAY! Sounds like a great pediatrician! Will have to keep in mind that some medicines contain dairy.

  6. That was a great reaction to the situation! I'm glad he learned something new and that your experience could save a child in the future!

  7. I think I'm a little in love with your pediatrician! What a great doctor!

  8. I think it's terrific that he gave you credit and pointed out that he learned something today. Yay for you!

  9. I don't know. I still am a little alarmed he didn't know that. Glad you were on the ball though!

  10. Yay for the pediatrician is right!

  11. Jennifer--

    True, but had he been the one to see Katherine on Friday, he would have checked the ingredients.

  12. I imagine they won't make that mistake again. So that's good. Are you out the cost of the inhaler though or did the pharmacy take it back? Seems like they could have caught it too.
    I feel for you! My guy with the food allergies has asthma too, and I have had a dilemma deciding who should manage it. Right now, I have the allergist taking the lead, but of course it flares up every time he catches a cold and then I have the pediatrician weighing in and making adjustments. They have different preferences about the type of maintenance inhaler as well. I'm always afraid in all that tweaking the other's instructions they will miss something important.

  13. We see the pediatrician most because our allergist rotates offices and is only in town once a month.

    The inhaler was a free sample, so it didn't go through the pharmacy.

  14. How seriously refreshing. Nothing is more frustrating than coming across a doctor with a God complex. It is great to hear when you find a gem :)

  15. Hooley Cadooley. Thank goodness for your eagle eyes. (as a parent of a kid anaphylactic to egg and nut before GROWING OUT OF IT by the age of four, I do remember how on the ball you need to be). The professionalism of your regular paediatrician should be heartily commended. Unfortunately he'll never be allowed to go on holiday again...

  16. Yay! You are a hero.

    I am very impressed.

  17. Go doc! Where's this list of dairy-containing meds? I need a copy of that. Would save me some time on calling pharmaceutical companies! Do you have it? :)