Wednesday, March 25, 2009


  • We are enjoying our Erin Baker's treats--especially the breakfast cookies. Katherine takes a small breakfast cookie for her morning school snack every day and likes all of the varieties. I'm sure she also enjoys taking prepackaged snacks for a change, instead of the usual apple or baggie of pretzels.
  • Every time the older kids and/or I put on our shoes and coats, Helen runs over to the closet and grabs her coat. She then stands there, looking at us expectantly. It's heartbreaking, especially when I'm leaving without her.
  • Rational Jenn gave me a Kreativ Blogger award. Thanks, Jenn!
  • Have you noticed any companies suddenly charging you more? Our cable bill has gone up, but at least they sent a letter about it. Some companies are just suddenly charging more fees without announcing them. This is extra frustrating when we pay them by automatic withdrawl. (I'M LOOKING AT YOU, VONAGE! VENGEANCE WILL BE MINE!)
  • So, anybody tried MagicJack? How's that working out for ya?
  • "Eli, I need to wipe your nose." "NOO! Don't wipe mine nose!!!" "Would you like to wipe it?" "*sigh* No, you wipe it and I'll cry." OK, then.


  1. I have heard of people using the MagicJack, but I haven't heard any reviews. I will keep my ear to the ground...proverbially.

  2. I love Eli's quote. At least he is honest!

  3. I have a similar issue with nose-wiping. I tried to reason with my three year old "If you cry, I will have to wipe your nose more". Reasoning didn't work.

  4. Eli is hilarious!!!

    BTW... Your questions won you 2 sets of coupons! Email your address to me! Congrats! :)

  5. Our Comcast went up, but Johnny called and complained and said he wanted it lowered and they put us on some "economy saver" discount for the next 12 months that was lower than our old bill. Cool!

  6. That last comment about wiping the nose made me laugh. That's what my son usually says!

  7. My husband is a Magic Jack expert ... I will email you.