Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Greek Chorus

That's me, chanting, "You can never be too careful...." Such a charming trait, no?

Here's an email from m on her son's Hershey trip:

"Hi Sarah,

Just wanted to give you the report on my son's day at Hershey, as promised. Overall, he had a great time, though not without a couple of glitches. He had one minor 'contact' reaction -- his eye started swelling up, which usually means that he touched something milky and rubbed his eye. He went right to the bathroom and washed his hands and eye and took some Benadryl, and the symptoms subsided. No other reaction the rest of the day.

As for the Kosher Mart -- He called me at 3:30 on his cell to report that it was closed. He was a little panicked, as he was quite hungry. It turned out that they close early on Friday for the Jewish sabbath. Luckily someone at the nearby food service was able to help him out.

I wrote them an email thanking them, and suggesting that they post the closing hours on the website. They said they would.

I guess the moral is: No matter how conscientious you are, things can go awry. Have a backup plan -- even if it's just an extra sandwich in the cooler back in the car."

Thanks for the report, m. It's a good reminder to have a backup plan. And a cell phone!


  1. And a portable First Aid Kit.

  2. Manager Mom--Oh, yes! Sometimes I forget and think that goes without saying, but it does not. *Always* pack a First Aid kit.