Friday, December 07, 2007

Holler 'Nuff!

Remember the touching Christmas scene in Laura Ingalls Wilder's Farmer Boy where Almanzo and his snotty cousin Frank were pounding the stuffing out of each other in the snow? And Almanzo wouldn't give up till Frank hollered, "'Nuff?" Well, I'm hollering "'nuff." I am giving in to this pregnancy. I am tired! I take naps when I should be working while I let the children watch crappy cartoons! I sent out some bills without stamps and some bills without checks the other day! I made Scott leave work early for K's Christmas dance recital this past Tuesday, and it's this coming Tuesday! I fed the kids pizza for lunch and dinner yesterday! (Scott, teasing, "Yeah, Mommy doesn't care anymore.")

To keep from becoming a total Mama Scrooge during this Christmas season, here are some of the links to fun and easy Christmas crafts I'm planning to use to entertain the children. While I nap.

Family Fun Christmas Printables
Wondertime Holiday Links
Nativity Paper Dolls (From Beck)
Jan Brett (From Soulemama)


  1. Oh, I love Little House on the Prairie. This makes me want to have my mom ship my collection of books to TX. Farmer Boy is one of my favorites.

  2. Tessie - I bought my own set so my parents could keep one at their house. Those books are meant to be read in the winter, although they disturb Scott. "What are you reading to Katherine? Blizzards, grasshopper plagues? What *is* that?"

  3. Farmer Boy always made me HUNGRY! I say do whatever you need to do to get through pregnancy with your sanity intact.

  4. Shannon - I wish Mother Wilder was here to make me a big batch of apple turnovers or bird's nest pudding. Mmmm....

  5. When I found out I was having two girls one of the first things I purchased was the complete Little House Series on eBay. I just finished re-reading them last week.

    Are your kids eating? Yes. Are they still alive? Yes. Are you doing a good job? Yes. It's totally okay to be tired and forget things. Hang in there!