Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Work It, Nowheymama!

Do you ever visit Work, It Mom! where Sundry and Swistle have their Milk and Cookies column? Well, WIM started a new Problem Solved column where different bloggers write about topics like homeschooling, cheap skincare, etc., and my column about food allergies is up today! Please go over and leave a comment!

Hemoglobin update: Miss Helen does have low iron levels, so we've started her on multivitamins with iron. Thank you for all of your suggestions. I did dust off my box of (big, nasty, horse-choking) prenatal vitamins with iron and started taking them again. A mother's love knows no bounds.

Eli and I are off to play in the "no" and make "nomen" and "noballs" to throw at each other because it's "no-ing." Even though it's not Cwistmastime.


  1. Hey, awesome on getting published at Work It Mom. I left you a comment there.

    Have fun in the "no". It's been just not quite cold enough here for flakes, but there may have been some the last few nights when I didn't see them. Boy will this weather be a shock when Matt gets back from Africa.

  2. That is wild that it is snowing. Of course, it never snows here so the concept is amazing to me! Congrats on your column!

  3. Wow - you're everywhere! Congrats on the column!