Thursday, October 16, 2008

Catching Up

I was Internet-less for most of the day yesterday, but I'm back on now. Whew!

has some exciting yet confusing allergy test news. Any words of wisdom are welcome, I'm sure. Also, Misty is looking for muffin-type recipes for a quick and easy breakfast.

The new Living With Food Allergies Blog Carnival (Halloween Edition) goes up at Sure Foods Living today.

Speaking of Halloween, Enjoy Life Foods and Gina Clowes of Allergy Moms have teamed up to make Halloween safer for allergic kids. And you can Trick-or-Treat for Food Allergy with FAAN!

I cannot wait to try this One-Hour French Bread recipe.

Finally, Hellokittiemama gave me my very first blog award. I pass it onto all of you because I love all of your blogs!


  1. Thank you for that one-hour bread link. I will definitely be trying that!

  2. I am a vegan and I worry about Halloween for my future children. What do you do to keep Halloween fun but dairy free?

  3. Thanks for the allergy links regarding Halloween. We have several friends with severe allergies.

  4. one hour bread! love that. i am going to look it up. i'd love to add your blog link to my new blog - is that ok? you have some great info!

  5. Thanks, I got some good feedback on my post.