Friday, October 31, 2008

Treats and Tricks

Happy Halloween! Our trick-or-treat was last weekend, so I'm trying to liven things up around here with some ghost sandwiches (Mine are on multigrain bread. Dirty ghosts?) for lunch and our traditional mummy dogs for dinner. I might make mashed potato ghosts, too. And pumpkin bread. (All made dairy-free, of course.) Maybe we'll watch It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown while we eat toasted pumpkin seeds. Krazy!

In food allergy news, the new Living With Food Allergies Blog Carnival goes up at Go Dairy Free today. Also, I just joined Have you checked it out yet? And finally, Juventa from Milk Allergy Companion just introduced herself. Yay, dairy-free bloggers!

Hemoglobin update, part two: I've been putting Helen's vitamins in her morning oatmeal, which she doesn't seem to mind. And while there are differing opinions about whether or not my iron levels affect the baby or not, I figure it can't hurt to be taking my iron supplements. Just to clarify about the nurse's questions, the content of her questions didn't bother me, what bothered me is being asked questions that have no right or wrong answer as if there IS a correct answer.

It's not enough that we have to worry about our children's foods, lotions, and soaps. Now we have to worry about milk in their clothing! Karen sent me a link to these ecofriendly clothes made out of milk fiber. I kid you not.


  1. Mummy dogs! I'm totally stealing that idea.

  2. I made those mummy dogs last year for our work Halloween, and won first place! They are awesome!

  3. I am so making the mummy dogs. Happy Halloween!

  4. The mummy dogs are adorable!

    I'm anxiously awaiting trick or treaters as we speak. All this allergy stuff in my life now has me planning for any potential allergy kids with mini 4 packs of crayons in addition to candy.

    So many people are allergic to milk - why put it in clothing? I hope they label the you-know-what out of it to warn all allergy sufferers.

  5. I love those mummy dogs. Will have to do those.

    Milk in clothing? I'm sick to my stomach over that. What is wrong with people? I can't understand the appeal to put food in non-food products!

  6. Those baby pants freak me out! Who would think to check a clothing label?