Monday, October 13, 2008

Fat Talk Free Week

Do you know Kate Harding? Do you read Shapely Prose? You should. Today she posted about Fat Talk Free Week, which is sponsored by Reflections: Body Image Program. Kate writes:
"What is Fat Talk Free Week? It’s five days of nationwide events during which women are encouraged to quit talking smack about their own bodies and other women’s. ('I need to lose 10 pounds.' 'She’s too fat to be wearing that.' 'My thighs are so huge.' Et frickincetera.) The cumulative effect of those little statements does a number on one’s self-image...."

She continues: "Reflections seeks to supplant the 'thin ideal' with 'the "healthy ideal," which looks different for every woman and focuses on health, not weight or size,' according to the video it has created to kick off Fat Talk Free Week (below). Not only is that a peachy idea for boosting self-esteem, but researchers like Linda Bacon — whose new book, Health at Every Size, details the philosophy of focusing on health without regard to weight — have long argued that it leads to better physical health outcomes."

So please take a moment to watch this clip, for you and your daughters:


  1. This positively rings with truth. Awesome.

  2. Such a great clip! I let myself get too obsessed with weight and now I don't even have a scale. I just go by how I feel energy wise and comfort wise in my clothes. It's a better way to live, I think, without all the numbers and hype clouding your mind.

  3. thanks so much for posting this video....i wouldnt have seen it otherwise.

    it seems that when i stopped worrying about being thin and just ate well and exercised, my body just kinda naturally settled at a weight im mostly pleased with. i get irritated when i think about all the time i wasted focusing on it before.

  4. Thank you for posting this. It was very thought provoking and has made me realize that I need to stop fat talk about myself. I like what tina & tammie too.

  5. Funny... My Fat Talk is all about "I gotta get 10lbs... I gotta eat more.. This dress would be so hot if I had 10 more lbs..."

    It's really not about the talk... It's about loving ourselves... Like the clip said, stop chasing the impossible... We are who we are, what we are. Let's love that!