Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday List

Thanks to everyone for your eating out tips! I think one of us should win the chance to cook with Martha Stewart, don't you?

Helen is at that in-between food stage I always forget about. She wants to eat everything with her hands but still needs us to help fill her up with pureed foods. What are your favorite baby foods for nine-month (*Sniff!*) olds?

Our town does Trick-or-Treat the Saturday before Halloween, which makes Halloween itself rather anticlimactic. That means Trick-or-Treat is this Saturday! And the school "Literary Parade" is tomorrow! I dug out all of the kid's costumes yesterday and am making a peanut and dairy-free treat (rice krispie treats) for Katherine's class party.

Speaking of food allergies, thank you so much to The Allergic Kid for the link to Coupons for expensive allergen-free foods! Whee!

This bread recipe has changed my life. Fresh bread every night! Tonight we're having it with Russian Hot Pot. I don't know what's Russian about ground beef with cabbage, potatoes, and tomatoes. The pickled beets served on the side, maybe?


  1. The bread recipe is that good, eh? I had saw it earlier and was thinking about it.

    Oy, my hips.

  2. Recipe for Russian Hot Pot, please?!