Friday, October 03, 2008

First Month of School Report

  • There have been no allergic reactions in Katherine's class.
  • A little boy did fall while carrying a pencil, and it went up his nose. Ouch. (He's fine.)
  • Her class goes outside a lot, which is great because the school is right next to a park.
  • Yesterday, she made it all the way across the monkey bars for the first time.
  • Katherine's desk and her cafeteria seat are adorned with Mabel's Labels.
  • Since she can't participate in buying ice cream on Fridays, I pack a dessert in her lunchbox instead.
  • If the cafeteria lunch is something she'd like, I try to pack something comparable. (Dairy-free chicken nuggets on Chicken Nugget Day, for example.)
  • Katherine and N., who has a peanut allergy, have become fast friends.
  • Katherine is interested in learning more about peanut allergies, to help keep N. safe.
  • The tables in the Cafegymatorium are built into the walls. K. and N. have special desks that are pulled up to the ends of their class's tables each day at lunch. That way, they can still be with their friends, but their seats won't be cross-contaminated.
  • Katherine brings all of her trash home in her lunchbox so she doesn't have to go near the trash can and flying milk cartons.
  • We keep cupcakes and cookies in a freezer at school for classroom birthday parties.
  • She is learning a lot and especially likes math and reading.
  • Katherine loves school!


  1. Sounds like a great first month! There's so much more to think about with an allergic child - that's why God didn't send me one. He knew I would mess it up!

  2. Ouch. The pencil-up-the-nose story makes MY nose hurt.
    It sounds like you've thought of everything, regarding allergies at school. So glad she is having a good time!

  3. That sounds like it's going so well.

  4. Ouch to the pencil up the nose. I'm starting a new job tomorrow and it's going to be tons of kids and tons of craft projects. I'm now praying I don't see anything like that b/c I would probably freak out more than the child!!!

    I just have to say it sounds like Katherine's awareness of her allergy and others around her is allowing her to become a compassionate, and caring young lady. You should be super proud!

  5. Sounds like everything is going very smoothly! Great job to both you and Katherine! Sounds like the school is very helpful in keeping allergy kids safe. That's encouraging!

    Thanks for the update, too. It helps moms like me that haven't started an allergy child in school *yet* have great hope! :)

  6. I'm going to have to get notes from you when The Baby starts school!

  7. Wow- you have got it together! Sounds like a total success! Glad to hear the Mabel's Labels are working out for you!

  8. Ww, I wrote a blog post last nite entitled, First Month of School Update. I like how yours is all organized. I am checking out the labels and lunchbox link to see if something to utilize or share in my newsletter.

  9. What a great school report. I have a child with peanut allergies. It's hard!But, your daughter seems to be doing well and you are on tops of things!
    -Sandy toes

  10. That's so nice of her, wanting to keep her friend safe :)
    You're doing a good job with that kid you know.. :)

    And gosh... A pencil up his nose? Poor kid.... It hurts just to think about it :x

  11. Wow. How sweet that she's trying to keep her friend safe. Of course you would expect nothing less. Sounds like it's been a success and I'm glad she's enjoying it so much!

  12. WOW! You do a great job dealing with the school and her allergies. It also seems they are really receptive to her needs. So many schools around here act like the students with allergies are such a nuisance. UGH!! I am totally planning on implementing some sort of allergy education plan at our elementary school way before Lani even starts. That's another 3 years, LOL!!

  13. I'm learning a lot about what it's like raising a child with food allergies here! There are so many things I never would have thought of!

  14. wow, what an inspiration! on another note, dairy free chick nuggets? miles has never had chicken nuggets. do the nuggets. :)