Tuesday, March 06, 2007


While it may seem to the casual observer that we eat mostly baked goods around here, (and we do eat our fair share), we also consume fruits and vegetables. It's true! I just don't do much to them. "Choose which piece of fruit you want with lunch." "Here's your salad with oil, vinegar, and almonds." And pretty much every cooked vegetable is either microwaved or sauteed in olive oil and served with salt and pepper. Not very exciting, recipe-wise.

But sometimes, say at Thanksgiving or Easter, I want to be fancy. For those occasions, I use Road's End Organics Shitake Mushroom Gravy mix as a cream of mushroom soup substitute. Because I am a recovering cream of mushroom soup addict. I know, it's not good for you. But it's so good. Especially in any church-supper type of casserole.

So now I have a creamy, mushroomy sauce to use as God intended: to hide vegetables. Two of my vegetable side dish recipes are on the Road's End Organics website. No, I'm not credited on the site, but they're mine, I tell ya, mine! Enjoy.


  1. Stroganoff! I want stroganoff! Except that we are avoiding sour cream laden foods until the mucous parade is over.

  2. Yes, along that stroganoff line, you mention it works for cream of mushroom. Is this an actual sub in recipes??? Or perhaps just a really awesome way to drown those veggies : )

  3. theflyingmum: Ooh, stroganoff. That's a good idea. I have trouble getting df sour cream around here, though. I'll have to think about that. I've been trying to perfect df Chicken Divan, but it keeps turning out too... sweet, or something.

    Alisa: the two recipes I submitted to Road's End are my df versions of recipes that originally called for cream of mushroom soup. One of them is green bean casserole. I used 1 packet of the gravy mix, prepared, as a substitute for the soup. I hesitate to say it's a universal substitution, but it has worked well in the recipes I've tried.

  4. I can get Tofutti "sour supreme" here, but haven't looked to see if it's totally dairy free. We used to eat IMO when I was a kid, but I think it has 'whey' or something in it.
    Oh! I keep forgetting to tell you, I checked two books out of the library: Sinfully Vegan, by Lois Dieterly, and The Soy Dessert and Baking Book, by Brita Housez. I know, two dessert books and me, the queen of "NO SUGAR!" But one does mention using silken tofu for sour cream (?) I'm guessing they must add lemon juice or something to it, cuz, just silken tofu? ew.

  5. I'll have to see if our natural foods store can order Tofutti sour cream. The tofu idea is interesting, but it would definitely need something make it tangy. I can't wait to hear your cookbook reviews! I miss living near a large library with a good cookbook selection.