Wednesday, March 07, 2007


It's snowing, again. I've been on the phone all morning about field trips, meals for a new mom, and quotes for a new roof ($6000?!?!?!). The rest of my mind is wrestling with an issue I don't know how to write about yet.

Instead, let's have a poll. All of these hypothetical events happen in a classroom where there are always allergen-free snacks available for the allergic classmate. You are providing a treat for the class in honor of your nonallergic child's birthday.

1.) If you made a treat for your child's class and went to the trouble of making it allergen free for a classmate of your child's, how would you feel if the allergic child didn't eat it?

2.) If you tried to make it allergen free but accidentally included a wrong ingredient, how would you feel if the child's parent or the teacher said the child can't eat it? Even though you went to the natural foods store and spent money on fancy ingredients?

3.) How would you feel if you successfully made an allergen-free snack but forgot to bring the list of ingredients for the teacher or parent to check, and they decided not to give it to the child?

4.) If the allergic child ate a snack that you honestly thought was allergen free and the teacher and or parent approved it, how would you react if it wasn't and the child had an allergic reaction?


  1. Oh, Lordy, that IS a can of worms! That is a lot of responsibility. My dad has had countless reactions to food prepared by folks who know he has an allergy, and they just forget that butter is a dairy product. I sometimes wonder if they are too embarrassed to admit that they forgot to make it dairy free, and instead just stay hush-hush about it - like "what he doesn't know won't hurt him..." Yikes, hope she's ok.

  2. 1, 2, 3, and 4: All of these situations would leave me lying awake in the dark with a pounding heart, until I finally knocked myself out cold with Benadryl.

  3. You two are the best commenters ever! Thanks. And I've really been enjoying the wealth of posts you've both been sharing this week.