Thursday, March 22, 2007

Meme? Moi?

Theflyingmum has tagged me for my first meme: seven songs I'm listening to. She will drag me into the 21st century, slowly but surely. ;)

  1. At Christmastime, my Aunt Jenny sent us Mike and Peggy Seeger's American Folk Songs for Children, and we've been listening to it in the car ever since. Katherine likes "Bought Me a Cat," Eli bounces around to "Who Built the Ark: Noah, Noah," and I have "Who's That Tapping at the Window?" stuck in my head a lot. Like right now. I'd love to get the accompanying book to go with it.
  2. Jenny also sent us The Ultimate Lullaby Album, which is a beautiful collection of classical music. Maybe if I listen to "Summertime" enough times, Spring will arrive.
  3. I am never very far from my Judybats CDs, but it looks as if their reunion plans have crashed and burned. I'll link to former lead singer Jeff Heiskell's new release instead, which includes songs like "Gasoline."
  4. "Adrift" - Who else have I loved since college? Barenaked Ladies. Scott got me the deluxe addition of Barenaked Ladies are Me, which includes the Barenaked Ladies are Men disc.
  5. Shameless plug for Idiosympathy, my future brother-in-law Jarred's band! Here's a link to their song, "Run Me Over."
  6. I like all of The Be Good Tanyas music, but my all-time favorite song, especially in the Spring, is "The Littlest Birds."
  7. I'm going to leave number seven blank for now because Scott is making me a mix to listen to when I go walking. Wonder what's on it? "Whip it up, baby..."

Who would I tag? Hmm, maybe if I tag Mark, Kathryn, Jarred, and Emily, they'll all start blogs. What are the chances?


  1. Oh man! The Judy Bats! I lost my "Down in the Shacks Where the Sattellite Dishes Grow" cd on a trip. SO bummed. And that "Summertime" recording - shivers! Thank you so much for doing this, new music to listen to, YAY!

  2. Thanks for asking! It was fun.