Sunday, March 04, 2007

Milk Jugs, All Kinds

If your preschooler is going to be doing a craft at school involving a gallon milk jug and she gets hives if you so much as touch her skin with a dairy product, kindly provide her teachers with a water or cider jug for her to use instead.

If a person asks you, repeatedly, how much longer you are going to breastfeed, and you've tried all of the funny/cutesy "about 5 more minutes" answers as well as the informational/boring/preachy "I'm hoping this helps him avoid food allergies/I'm home all the time and am able to/it's still working for both of us" answers, punch her in the face.

No? Wrong answer?


  1. Oooh, I like the "punch in the face" idea. I hadn't thought of that one. I, too, always wonder what the heck a polite, Miss-Manners-adoring person is supposed to do when the jokey, "I'm making light of this, but what I really mean is that it is inappropriate for you to be asking me this question" responses don't seem to be correctly translated. A fist seems like an excellent translation device.

  2. Glad you agree, although in reality I am such a wimp that I can't even muster up a "it's none of your business," let alone a fist to the face.

  3. Me neither. I suppose for us, the solution is to close our eyes and IMAGINE hitting the person in the face. Then when we open our eyes, the person (who will already be a little freaked from seeing us close our eyes) will be even more freaked out by the expression of cruel satisfaction on our faces.

  4. We have a pile empty of water jugs in the laundry room, (undrinkable well water here...)I'll remember to offer some if school projects ever require one.
    It's amazing that some people really believe that they know what's best for you and your child. But how do they feel when someone else questions their parenting? My motto is to each her own and It's none of your damn business - my reaction is smile and redirect the conversation. (or ignore rude person altogether)
    Also, sewing expo was fantastic! I went while hubby stayed home with sick Ben - now I am sick, and need to take Ben in to the Dr.'s b/c I think he's got pink eye. Sheesh! I was supposed to work today through Wednesday, but feel pretty yucky.

  5. Mandalas:
    Classic mandala Designer from Chinaberry
    Amazing Mosaic - Mandala from Young Explorers
    and for us grown-ups: Coloring mandalas from Isabella
    I don't know if you already found out what you wanted to know, but these look fun anyway!

  6. Swistle, you make me laugh. "Cruel satisfaction," hee hee.

    Theflyingmum - so sorry you and your little guy are sick; that is no fun. Maybe being home will give you time to gaze at your crafty purchases and start thinking of projects....

  7. We must have posted at the same time, theflyingmum. Pretty! Thank you! Fun, easy crafts for Katherine and me!