Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Note From an Allergic Child

(Cheese, Cow Milk)

"Mama, give this list to whoever takes care of me. Then they'll know what I can't have."


  1. Oh this is so sweet. Sounds like your little one knows how to speak up for herself. Great job!

  2. Thank you. She does a very good job, but I'm still worried about kindergarten in the fall. Potential allergen situations five days a week! Whew.

  3. It gets easier. When you build up your child's confidence and comfort level to speak up for herself, you're on your way. My middle child is in kindergarten now, and the teachers have been pretty good. The school has adopted a policy of no food items brought into school to celebrate birthdays. Any food for class parties has to be approved by the school nurse first.

    Maybe you can make an appointment to meet with your school nurse and teacher ahead of time to discuss your expectations and how you can work as a team to keep your child safe. It might help both you and the teacher feel more comfortable.

  4. After kindergarten registration, I'm supposed to meet with the principal, nurse, and nutritionist. We won't know who her teacher is until August. I like the idea of discussing things in terms of being "a team." Very positive.