Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Sick Cures for Sister Katherine

We have an ill little girl in our house today. Some of our favorite "sick foods" are:
  • Bananas
  • Whole wheat toast with soy margarine
  • Hot juice: one to two parts juice (usually apple) to two to three parts water, microwaved for 60 seconds
  • Apple cider, hot or cold, sometimes with cinnamon
  • Crackers (Or, as they're known in our house, "crackies.")
  • Popsicles
  • Applesauce, warm or cold
  • Pastina: star-shaped pasta cooked in chicken broth, drained, and seasoned with soy margarine and salt
What are the specialties of the house for the under-the-weather people in your home? Did anyone else have a grandmother who made Jello water (Jello dissolved in hot water, drunk before it jelled)?


  1. Our pediatrician recommended Jello water! I had never heard of it.

    We do the bananas, toast, saltines, applesauce thing around here, too.

  2. Hee hee. When I first told Scott about it, he said, "Isn't that....Kool Aid?" Maybe so, but I like it. Especially raspberry.

  3. Yes, toast, juice, crackers, juice bars (I just pour apple or pear juice into popsicle molds I bought at Target) chicken or vegetable soup. Well, that was unoriginal. As a kid it was Campbell's chicken noodle soup, root beer and root beer flavored popsicles, cinnamon toast and saltines. No juice, milk or ginger ale - just root beer. Why did they ply us with sugar? Also, I'm curious to know of Scott's baking abilities.

  4. Saltine crackers and sips of warm flat gingerale. Hope your little one feels better.

  5. Hipwritermama - Hi! Ginger ale was a favorite in my house growing up, too. Although my mom served it cold and fizzy over crushed ice. I never thought of giving it to Katherine flat. She doesn't like fizzy drinks at all.

    Theflyingmum - Scott is an *excellent* baker. "Software developer by day, baker on the weekends..." I'll have to devote a post to that topic, but first I'll have to have him write down some of his recipes with exact measurements!

  6. Excellent! My husband likes to bake if he can use the bread machine... which I don't think counts.

  7. Hey, I tagged you for the 7 songs meme: list 7 songs that you are currently enjoying along with an audio or video link to the song. Originally you're then supposed to tag 7 other bloggers to do the same, but I modified it a little, only tagging 3. Feel free to pass on it if you like.