Monday, March 16, 2009

Trash Pickin', So Misunderstood

Spring is coming. I know this not only because of Daylight Savings Time (Thanks a LOT, William Willett! I hope you enjoyed your extra rounds of GOLF before you died and left us with this time-changing mess!) but also because it was unseasonably warm here this weekend. That means people began spring cleaning. And that means I have a couple trash-picked finds to share.

Oh, relax. I wasn't dumpster diving or trespassing or anything. The rule in our town is that if you set something out at the curb, it's free for the taking. Trash night just happens to be an extra-good time to look around. You probably won't be as lucky as Tammie, but you never know. Last night I picked up one of these:

Amazon price? $56.80. Both of the trays that hold paints and chalk are missing, but who cares? The paper clip and the side supports are fine. We can rig something up. I've wanted an easel like this for outdoor play (we have a wooden one inside) for a long time.

My other find was a vintage push lawn mower like this one:

image from

It's missing the rubber from one wheel, but surely I can find someone to fix it. We live in Amish country, for Pete's sake.

Next on my list? A plastic kids' picnic table for the backyard.


  1. Wow! Good finds! Makes me want to do some actual dumpster divin'! :)

    I'm always on the look-out for free stuff on the side of the road!

  2. wow, what great finds!!! i've wanted a lawn mower like that for a while. im jealous.

    i haven't found anything good in a few's been depressing. but i did have quite a lucky streak for a while so i guess it all evens out. :)

  3. I really want a picnic table too! I have big plans for garage sale season this year...