Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Tale of Cloth Napkins (No, Not That Kind)

"Oh, woe is me! I have only blue denim-ish cloth napkins for my dining room! (Also, I don't have an eat-in kitchen, but that is another story.) They don't match anything except the toys on the floor!"

"Wait! Swistle is holding a cloth napkin contest! I will be your Cloth Napkin Buddy, Swistle!"*

Time passes.

"I WON!"

"The package is here! Hello, Mr. and Mrs. Pickles!"

"Look at all of this cloth napkiny goodness that matches our dining room! And two napkin rings! With the three we already have, that makes enough for our family!"

"Look at how all of the colors match the valances! (It's the little things, people.)"

Thank you, Swistle!

*For Swistle's discussion on the other kind of cloth napkin, go here.


  1. So pretty! I may have to get me some cloth napkins since everyone is doin' it now!

  2. Oh so pretty. They do match your room nicely too!

  3. YAY! It is SO FREAKY to see those on YOUR BLOG when they were so recently in MY HOUSE!

  4. the funniest thing about this post was these 2 sentences:
    And two napkin rings! With the three we already have, that makes enough for our family!"
    honestly, i almost fell out of my chair.
    congrats again on yor napkin win.

  5. Right now all I can say is that I'm jealous.

    big time.

    congrats. or something.


  6. Aww yay, those do go well!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. A ray of sunshine in an otherwise horrible situation!

  7. You will be ADDICTED to cloth napkins. They are great! And I love the colors of your dining room.

  8. Your colors are nice & warm and the napkins go great.

    I love cloth because they spruce up any meal. Seriously, you could be eating hotdogs and beans, yet when you're using cloth napkins you feel like a high class gourmet!

  9. You WON?!! Yipppeeeeeeee!!! Tell me blogs aren't influential -- I want cloth napkins now too. :)

    I'm especially jealous of Mr. Pickles.

  10. How pretty. congrats on your prize!

  11. I am curious to know if you came to the same conclusions we did. We like the orange ones best of all; it's too bad the fabric bunches so much around the embroidered part. The yellow ones are almost as good as the orange except they show the stains more. Then the red are good but for some reason we don't reach for them. The black ones we use all the time for the kids and for small uses (like I'm just having a cookie and don't want a full napkin), but they're fading a bit from washing. And the green ones, I hated so much I Freecycled all of them (I had them in a couple of other colors too) after using ONE, ONE TIME. I hated that snaggy, slippery fabric. The grey ones---I must not have kept any grey ones, or else they're so far down the pile I don't remember them, or else they're at the top of the pile but grey is not very memorable.