Friday, March 13, 2009

It's 8:16 AM will you wake up to me....

I forgot that today is Spring Break. I was not mentally prepared. So far this morning we have:

played video games
eaten breakfast
made popsicles (Curse you, Sid.)
gotten dressed
eaten a snack
played with flubber (Oobleck was last week.)
played with play dough
made plans to make Alisa's granola bars

It's not even 10 am. And we're having company over tonight. Help.


  1. Other than going on outings, which can be expensive, I have no idea how to entertain kids for a week! With toddlers you can just hand them a toilet paper roll and they think it is fascinating. But now I have some new recipes to try! Thanks!

  2. Seems early for spring break. Since you've already done so much active parenting for the day and you have company coming over and need to prepare, it sounds like it's time for mind-numbing vegging in front of ye olde boob tube.

  3. Bea--AHAHAHA! I'm whining about a long weekend, not a week! We'll have a longer break at Easter.


  4. Wow, their break is early! Too bad it's not Spring-like outside yet - then you could shoo them outside to escape some of that energy.

    I'm trying to think how we kept ourselves entertained when we were little. My brother and I built forts all over the house, or played games. My cousin and I would play Barbies or house. Sometimes my aunt would give us a big container of dried beans and we'd make play "dinners" out of them for hours in her Tupperware.

  5. We love Sid! Well, Ben loves it, I love that Ben loves it. and sad to say, I agree with Fiona. It's just for a coupla days, right? Even though we have a "rule" about how muchn TV time is OK, (We are a little over the top as far as some are concerned...) but every once in a while, the rules must be bent a little. Kid concoctions are always a great diversion for kids.