Wednesday, March 18, 2009

BabyCenter: Home of Cutting-Edge Journalism

I still get BabyCenter newsletters for Eli and Helen. Sometimes I open them, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I wish I hadn't opened one.

Did you know that having a child with food allergies can be hard on the budget? And that families with an allergic child are less likely to travel to remote places where little or no medical care is available? So that's what's holding up our trip to India! Good thing BabyCenter provides some helpful tips! Here's a "What you can do" link (last updated June 2006) that leads to...learning about food allergies by age.

I bet you didn't know that the labeling of food allergies is (gasp) not always accurate, and that the phrase "may contain" sometimes means "does contain." No way! Not with our crack FDA at the helm! Here's a "What you can do" link (last updated June 2006) that leads to...learning about food allergies by age. Again.

Well, at least learning about Gwyneth's "preschool panic" is news to me. Poor, poor Gwynnie. Thank you, BabyCenter.


  1. why did i click that link and read the gwynnie article? WHY?!

  2. Ditto Tammie!

    I guess I'll introduce myself. I am a friend of SDH in real life. My oldest son is allergic to milk, soy, eggs, and peanuts (so far). I found your blog linked at hers. Thanks for all of the interesting info!

  3. We have been putting off a trip to visit family in Sweden, even though I know we would eat most meals in the homes of family and friends.

  4. See? MBM should be writing this article!

  5. Oh, BC is so helpful! Ha!

    I have stopped reading their newsletter. After my son turned one it just annoyed me. It was great for pregnancy and the first few months though.

  6. I subscribe to these emails for my amusement only.

    My favorite is when they have the polls about milestones and the bragging comments that follow these polls.

  7. Hey, I still get babycenter (or parentcenter?) emails too - and they are hysterical, to me at least. "Ways to make your child's day - tell them you love them"! Really. I had no idea. And all the celebrity "buzz" - it's highly entertaining, or would be if it wasn't so DEADLY SERIOUS. Cutting edge journalism, indeed.