Tuesday, December 23, 2008


At the store last night:

Preschool Girl: (weeping) "Mommy, I want [whatever toy she was lugging around]. Please?'
Mother: "We're not buying any toys today. Santa is coming in a few days to bring you toys."
Preschool Girl: (crying) "I want to buy it! I can buy it with my money!"
Mother: "Oh, you have money? I don't think you have enough."
Preschool Girl: (crying) "Yes! I have my air dollars!" [Ed.: I believe she was referring to her pretend money.]
Mother: "You do?"
Preschool Girl: (sobbing) "Yes! I have forty air dollars! I want to buy it with my air dollars!"
Mother: "I don't think that's enough, Honey."
[Conversation continues as they leave for another aisle.]


  1. Air dollars? What the?

    I remember crying hysterically in a store a few days before Christmas because I saw the Barbie I wanted and there was just one left. My Dad said maybe Santa would bring it, but I was convinced someone else would buy that last doll before Santa could get to it.

    I got the doll the next day.

  2. That's funny. Never heard of air dollars - cute. I'm lucky my girls don't cry when I say no, but I'm sure I'll have my moments.

  3. Happy Holidays! I've never heard of air dollars either, but I sure can relate. My youngest one is always trying to persuade me to buy him something for "being good". (whatever happened to just being good?) Somehow, he thought tonight was Xmas eve. Boy, was he disappointed when he realized he still had one more day to get thru! :)

  4. I think I'll try to get a new washing machine with air dollars.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  5. This reminds me of some conversations I might have been involved in... especially with well meaning relatives who send gift cards before Christmas? And the children want to spend their money before Christmas?

    Hate that. They are just going to get what Santa already bough. Gah.

  6. Oh, the things I could buy with my air dollars!!!

  7. sorry to bother you on christmas eve. merry christmas! the boys got new toothpaste in their stockings at grandma's. i thought you had a post on milk and egg contained in some toothpastes for kids. we have not done THIS new toothpaste and i wanted to cross reference it with your post. when you get a chance, can you point me to that post again? i can't find it. thanks so much!