Monday, December 01, 2008

December First

I've been away from Blogger so long, it logged me out.

I have hundreds of blog posts in my reader, and tons of emails and comments in my inbox.

We hosted a wonderful, busy Thanksgiving weekend with lots of company and food.

One of our oven's heating elements burned out in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner prep.

We could A.) put $100 into our ancient stove and fix it or B.) buy a new stove.

Guess what Sarah and Scott are getting for Christmas?

Katherine doesn't have school today because it is the first day of buck season.

The kids are making their Christmas lists.

They already received perfect early gifts from their aunt and uncle this weekend: a Star Wars clone, a race car, and a baby doll.

We're going to start decorating the house today, and maybe make some more ornaments.

If you want a cute, easy (cheap) mess-free ornament craft that's great for children to work on while you shop online, order these RIGHT NOW.


  1. buck season=school holiday? wow

    i really cant pick though...we get school holidays here for UF homecoming.

    congrats on the new stove!

  2. I had never heard of getting a holiday for buck season. before. It sounds like you had a nice Thanksgiving! What kind of oven are you getting? There are some fancy ones out there now.

  3. We will be buying an El Cheapo oven. Our current one is electric, but we're having someone come look at our gas plumbing to see if we can get a gas one instead.

  4. We are getting a new oven soon too! YAY!!

    Also, I ordered those ornaments and one other set. FREE SHIPPING TODAY!! WOOT!

  5. Oh boy, a new oven! I've never had a new stove, now that I think about it. I want a new stove, too!

  6. Glad all was well on Thanksgiving. Sorry about the stove though. Why does everything break around Christmas? My vacuum died and my washing machine has one foot in the grave. I'm hoping it makes it through the new year.

    Buck Season: My father and brother are participating in the first day of buck season over there in P.A. Hubs would have been too if not for that pesky achilles surgery.

  7. That is so weird: I JUST SAW today's free shipping thingie at Oriental Trading, and I wanted to buy something but got overwhelmed by all the choices and went back to blog reading! Okay, I've put those kits in my cart!

  8. I love those. I'll have to keep those in mind for next year - would have been a great craft for Alysa's party tomorrow. I've got my shopping done, so I just need blogging time. LOL