Monday, December 22, 2008

The Monday After The Day Before

The dreaded stomach virus hit our house this weekend, leaving heaps of laundry in its wake. Katherine and I spent Saturday subsisting on Jello water and Gatorade, but for dinner Scott made us Chicken and Dumpling Soup (made with Bisquick dumplings to make it dairy free) and homemade rolls.

We did manage to make it to the neighborhood Christmas party Sunday afternoon, where the kids decorated gingerbread houses (made of graham crackers) and ate lots of cookies. Santa stopped by, and some of the children took the opportunity to request toys their parents had never heard them mention before! Santa said he'd "see what he could do." Gee, thanks, Santa! That's swell. Maybe it's a good thing Scott and I had to postpone our Christmas shopping date until tonight because of illness.

This morning we had a two-hour delay because it was four degrees outside (-17 with the wind chill). The much-anticipated first grade concert at the nursing home was cancelled due to weather (They practiced so much!), but the Christmas party (for which I am providing nut-free, dairy-free sugar cookies) is still scheduled for this afternoon.

What kind of last-minute shopping and one-clicking and cooking and baking are you doing?


  1. im glad you're feeling better.

  2. Wow, glad everyone is feeling better there. And I'm really glad that our family has missed out on this flu that seems to have hit everywhere.

    It is COLD here today too, so we are staying in the house all day. I have no plans to leave at all.

    That also means I'll be baking more. So far I have iced gingerbread men, frosted sugar cookies, peanut butter fudge, chocolate dipped pretzel sticks, and in the over as I type are Yum-Yum Bars (aka Magic Bars). I have plans to make at least one more fudge (chocolate), more cookies, and who knows what else. Fun times.

    Shopping is done, but I do need to wrap presents before we leave on Wednesday.

  3. Glad everyone is on the mend! Presents have been bought (did 95% online a few weeks ago), but I still need to clean the house! And that is a challenge with a 1 year old who undoes most of what I get done!

  4. I'm glad you got over your sickness in time to party a little.
    I'm not doing much shopping or cooking, just worrying about whether or not we'll be able to make it to Christmas at the in-laws because of bad weather.

  5. One of mine started barfing this morning and OMG please let it poisoning or something and NOT a stomach virus that's going to take us all DOWN.

    I'm doing some baking, and I'm going to make some fudge to put in stockings, and I need to wrap a few more presents.

  6. The stomach bug is no fun! I made up all of my cookies this morning and tomorrow I'm making the lasagna and other desserts. Other than that I, magically, finished my homemade crafts with about a day to spare!

  7. I got $200 in gift cards to a store where I NEVER seem to find anything I like. But, somehow I managed to locate a cheap GPS unit. Yay! I will never have to search for the nearest Starbucks again.

  8. Yikes! Stomach bugs are the worst - especially this time of year. It hit my sister and family hard. We're hybernating until after Christmas day. LOL

    Glad you're all feeling better.

  9. Oh, I'm so sorry you had a pukey weekend! My son spent a day barfing on me a couple weeks ago, but he was fine the next morning. (He always crawls up in my lap when he starts to feel sick, and if there's not a receptacle handy, my shirt and I are more easily washed than the upholstery/carpet/etc.) At least you'll be able to thaw out soon. The forecast for next weekend is 60-80° and mostly sunny! :-)

  10. Ug, Jelly got that bug last week over Thursday and Friday. Then, on Sunday, when we thought he was cured, he got sick in a restaurant ev.ery.where. *Shudder*

    But the idea of graham cracker gingerbread houses? Love.