Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Dairy-Free Wizard of Oz Birthday

Glinda's bubbles (PB & J circle sandwiches)
Tinman's heart cookies
Scarecrow straw (potato sticks and pretzels)
Emerald city green grapes
Munchkin (baby) carrots
Rainbow popsicles
Chocolate cake
Water and apple juice

Coloring Pages
Eat Apples off the Tree: Remember the trees that throw apples at Dorothy? This game is just like it sounds. No hands! K got the idea from a Clifford Halloween book.

Witch's Broom Relay: I saw this idea on several websites. The kids stand at start with a broom in hand and use the broom to hit a ball up and around a "yellow brick." They come back to start and hand off the broom to the next person in line. We had the older kids play one-handed with their non-dominant hand to even the playing field.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road: I wrote clues on one side of yellow "brick" cards with the names of two or three of the children on the other side. I matched up children who can read with those who can't. The first clue led the first group of kids to the next clue, which was then read by the second group of children, etc. The final card had the birthday girl's name on it, and she found and distributed the goody bags.

Goody bags:
straw wands


  1. omg, I REALLY love this idea! How adorable!

  2. What a great idea for a party. I'll have to file this away for future use.

  3. Wow, you know how to do it right.

  4. The cake is awesome! I bet the kids had a great time.

  5. Beautiful cake - brilliant party!!

  6. What, no photos of the birthday girl? That is an awesome cake.

  7. You are the coolest mom ever!

  8. Great job! The kids must have loved it! Good for you!

  9. This looks like a ton of fun! You had a lot of great ideas.