Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Things That Make Me Happy

1. Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. Wasn't that awesome? Yay, Joss Whedon!

2. The discovery of these dairy-free, gluten-free Sipahh straws on sale at our local grocery store. Katherine has been fascinated by these straws for months, which she can't have, of course. Are either of these healthy or necessary? No. But sometimes allergic kids deserve junk, too. There you go, Sipahh marketing department. I just wrote your slogan. And bonus points to you for writing on the package, "You can enjoy Sipahh with any type of cold milk or milk alternative, including soy or rice milk."

3. My tenth anniversary present: a silver ring from Scotland with Celtic knotwork. Pretty.

4. WordGirl. Have you seen this? It's on here at 6:30 am. The kids watch it while I feed Helen. It cracks me up.

5. Philippa Gregory--my new guilty pleasure summertime author.

6. Summer produce. Blueberries!

7. Coming up with titles for books I'll never write. Like the mystery series about a crime-fighting nun. The first book: Force of Habit. The sequel, where her nemesis comes after her? Kicking the Habit.

8. Eli climbing into my lap yesterday and telling me, "I love ooh, Mommio."


  1. I want to see pictures of the pretty, pretty ring!

    And I ADORE your book titles. Awesome!

  2. I love WordGirl, too. One of the few kids' shows I'll actually watch, too. I love Philippa Gregory. I love blueberries.

  3. WordGirl is SUCH a cute show!
    No KIDDING about kids with allergies needing junk too. Right now, we're trying to figure out ice cream cones for The Baby. It MATTERS.