Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Depression

There is a sweet man with a lot of troubles who attends our church. Sometimes he is very involved, and sometimes you won't see him for weeks. Those are the times when he says he's "got the depression."

I think I've got the depression. Or the summer melancholy. Or something. Sad things are happening to people I know and love. Happy things are happening, too, but they can make me just as weepy.

I spent Tuesday packing up infant items (bassinet, baby bathtub, baby swing) and replacing them with baby items (pack n' play, bath seat, exersaucer, baby food paraphernalia). I returned the bassinet to our neighbors and then delivered dinner to friends who just had their fourth child, their first boy. As I held him and he spit up on me, I was filled with sadness over the "loss" of my newborn. (Who is a full SIX months old now. Yeah, she'll be leaving for college any day.) Then I started thinking about my baby boy, who is getting bigger every second. (Yes, he's only TWO and is still in diapers and a crib.) But still. It feels as if time is whizzing by. When did all of the back-to-school advertising start? Where did June and July go? WHAT IS HAPPENING?

Later that evening, I took Katherine to see a magician perform in the park, where I watched her be amazed by the simple magic tricks. Then I came home to tuck in Eli. "Maybe you'll dream about trucks," I suggested to my half-asleep boy. "NO! No dream 'bout trucks! Hai dream 'bout John Deah tractras! I see three two one tractras at farm! I see front end lodah!"

So, yes, the babies disappear, but they are replaced by these wonderful children.

Speaking of delivering food (nice segue, Sarah), what's your favorite dish to make for someone who just had a baby, or surgery, or just needs some cheering up?


  1. My nephew is a big fan of the John Deah tractras and front end lodahs too! So cute. And so true that you wouldn't trade the current stage for anything, but still mourn the passing of the previous stages. Such is life.

    I ususally make quiche or buy a frozen lasagna, and also bring a loaf or muffins.

  2. I have also had a touch of "the depression" the last couple of days or rather, summer melancholy.

    ((HUGS)), hope you are feeling more chipper ASAP.

  3. I like to make the Pioneer Woman's lasagna and some brownies. Sounds like comfort to me!

  4. the "front end lodah" cracked me up. Boys are too cute.

    I know what you mean about the summer blues. I think it has something to do with knowing school is starting up again (even though you don't go) deep in your bones.

    Hope you start feeling better soon!

  5. Oh, I so miss those baby moments. Kayla is sick today with a fever, so I'm actually enjoying the extra cuddle time. Sad, I know. :)

    I used to make an amazing parmesan coated chicken dish that freezes really well. But since that's no out, I know a good chicken frances recipe that also freezes well.

  6. Depression central around here, and no kids ... how sad is that.

    Cookies! Nothing puts a smile on like home-baked cookies. Perhaps I will go make some now ....

  7. I like to bake muffins: they freeze well, and they make a good quick easy breakfast/snack. Breakfast is hard to come by when there's a new baby in the house.

  8. I usually go for beef stew. I have been known to buy the Marie Callender's crock pot frozen version if I am too busy to make one from scratch. Just don't tell anyone :-)

  9. Oh, putting away baby stuff always does that to me.

    Love the tractor comments by Eli. Zachariah is the same way! This tractor has a backhoe, Mom. Oh yeah, I guess it does.

    For meals, I try to find out if there is something special the family likes. I also try to stear clear of typical casseroles and pastas. I have a simple Hawaiian pork chop recipe that is easy to transport.

  10. It is so hard to pack away the baby things...though, you've got it right. There are so many wonderful moments as the children get older. Every age is an adventure.

    As for favorite dishes to make for someone--lasagna, roast beef with roasted vegetables, brownies or cookies.

  11. I'm late to answer this, but I like to make a lasagne for anyone with a new baby. Anything easily freeze-able!

  12. I have a bit of The Depression, too, these days. It'll pass.
    I tend to bring zucchini bread to new moms. I don't know why.

  13. Lasagna or baked ziti for a meal b/c it travels easily and can be frozen/reheated.

    For a sweet treat I make a rockin' banana nut bread.