Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Our local grocery store sells wonderful homemade whoopie pies, which are called "bobbs." I have no idea why. Anyway, they are loaded with dairy, and I have never gotten around to developing my own recipe for them. But now I don't have to! Because Hannah Kaminsky has done the work for me, complete with a video demo on Everyday Dish! And hers are vegan! And she has an awesome vegan blog! And she also published a cookbook! And she's nineteen years old! Which, if I were younger, might fill me with jealousy but now just fills me with motherly pride. *sniff*

EDITED TO ADD: Another beautiful Hannah just entered the world today. Congratulations, SaLy!

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  1. I saw those too and printed the recipe out. They look yummy. If I feel adventurous and motivated next week (not very likely since Kayla's party is Saturday), I may take a stab at making them for my food allergy support group meeting.