Monday, April 07, 2008


Katherine took her first communion yesterday and also lost her first tooth. If I were a certain type of writer, I would compose a thoughtful, heartfelt piece about the passing of time and the many ways our little ones are growing up. I would tell you how I felt full of joy at the sight of her serious face concentrating on her thimbleful of grape juice, and I would tell you how I felt helpless at the pre-tooth loss tears. "I don't want my tooth to come out!"
And, I would tell you that a little part of me didn't want Katherine's first baby tooth to come out, either. I would tell you about my sadness over the loss of that particular little smile. But helping our children change and grow is part of our job, so I would tell you that in the morning I reminded her to sit quietly in church during the communion service, and that in the evening I gently grasped the loose baby tooth and helped her pull it out.


  1. Congrats to Katherine! Those are two really big milestones. Congrats to you too, Momma.

  2. You're a wonderful writer.
    And your church has grape juice, just like mine!

  3. Oh, Ben is so not looking forward to losing his teeth. But he actually is nearly 7 and still those baby teeth are rooted firmly in his head... hmmmm.
    Also, I wanted to share this with you, cuz i thought it might be something you and K. could do together?

  4. Come on, why do you always have to make me cry??

    Congrats to Katherine though, big girl!

    ED is obsessed with exactly when his teeth will begin to fall out. It's weird. "When I get 5 or when I get 6?"


  5. For the teeth obsessed, I would recommend the book "Molly and the Slow Teeth."

    TFM - Thanks for the craft!