Saturday, February 17, 2007

Funny... Not Ha Ha Funny

So in rereading my last post, I noticed a glaring omission. What kept us busy all week? What could it be? It couldn't be that Katherine whacked her mouth against the side of the bathtub on Tuesday night in the middle of a gigantic snowstorm, causing her front tooth to be torqued at an odd angle and her gums to turn blackish-purple. Nope, that couldn't be it at all. Or that we couldn't get to the dentist's office on Wednesday because his snowplow guy broke an axle and couldn't shovel out his parking lot. Finally Thursday's x-rays revealed an uncracked baby tooth. Yay. They also provided a glimpse into the future: there were Katherine's grown-up teeth, waiting patiently. And as a preschooler, you can't beat the excitement of your dentist telling you to eat lots of popsicles and (soy) ice cream for the next two days to help your gums.

Funny event number two: a few weeks ago I went to one of those ubiquitous "home" parties that are all the rage out here in the sticks. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Pampered Chef, but sometimes I feel obligated to attend and order something, and it turns out to be for one of those slightly off-brand companies. "Like Southern Living at Home? Then you'll love Mid-Atlantic Ideas for Your House." (Or whatever. If that really does exist, don't sue me.) Anyway, I found what I thought was a small, tasteful black metal cross accented with several fleurs de lis in the catalog. It was in my price range, and we have a closet full of black metal accents that I plan to hang in our living room and dining room someday, as well as a print of a French wine label actually hanging in our living room. (A member of my book club asked me, "Are you of French heritage?" Um, no. It just looks pretty with our second-hand furniture.) So I ordered the cross. Well, it arrived yesterday, and... that sucker is big. It looks like I want to crucify Frenchmen, tastefully, in my living room. I know it's my fault for not paying attention to the dimensions, but, dude.

Finally, my sister sent me an email describing a two-piece, quarter-length-sleeved bridesmaid gown she had found for me, and then she linked to this picture:

For the sake of all of those attending the wedding, let's hope this isn't the dress.


  1. Oh, that is TOO funny! The cross, and the dress! I'm still laughing.
    I will email you asap, thanks!

  2. I DID get your email - just dragging my feet about responding. I will email the pie recipe. Glad to hear that your mom is keeping busy, in a job that any FA would love, I'm sure!

  3. that dress is soemthing else. I saw your link at "theflyingmum" and read a few posts. I like your recipes!

  4. Thanks, Sara! I've been slowly making my way through theflyingmum's list of links myself. Come back anytime. :)